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A Human Rights Ombudsperson must serve the people not the coalition

The Human Rights Ombudsperson Nina Karpachova is politically engaged and falsifies checks into citizens’ complaints. These are some of the conclusions reached by the civic human rights organizations who have been monitoring her activities since she was re-appointed 100 days ago | детальніше

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Constitutional Court protests against political pressure

The Constitutional Court has stressed that interference in its work by political forces is unacceptable. In a statement read out on 10 May, the judges express concern over, among other things, the dismissals and threatened dismissals by the President and coalition respectively | детальніше

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How to Overcome the Political Crisis

Appeal of Civic Leaders | детальніше

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Chyhyryn mystery

So where will the investigation into the Chyhyryn incident lead the Human Rights Ombudsperson’s Secretariat? The question arises due to the appearance of ever more curious details about the Ombudsperson’s investigation into the incident in which members of the Party of the Regions took schoolchildren from the Cherkasy region to a political rally in Kyiv | детальніше

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Yushchenko dismisses judge who annulled his Decree

According to the President’s Secretariat, the grounds included a submission from the Head of the Supreme Court suggesting that Vadim Kopylyan be dismissed for a grave infringement of his professional duties | детальніше

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It’s all in the signature …

Deputy Prime Minister in Viktor Yanukovych’s government, Volodymyr Rybak, has confirmed that he sent a written appeal to the heads of businesses asking them to donate money to the Party of the Regions. He claims that he asked for the money as the head of the Party’s Political Council, not in his official capacity | детальніше

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Yet again the question is raised whether there should be deputy immunity

The sad story of attempts thus far to limit the extraordinary scope in Ukraine of deputy immunity which is violating the rights of other citizens and seriously jeopardizing the rule of law in the country | детальніше

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Yanukovych reinstates Kuchma’s privileges cancelled soon after the Orange Revolution

In a thoroughly extraordinary message to the Ukrainian people and PACE, the Cabinet of Ministers has reinstated State benefits to Kuchma cancelled in early 2005. One can only guess the extent of these benefits since the original instructions were, not surprisingly, classified | детальніше

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Whose compromise? Open Letter to PACE Members

A request to understand that in the light of recent infringements of the Constitution and problems with public confidence in the Constitutional Court, the fairest and most constructive solution to Ukraine’s present difficulties lies through open, honest and democratic elections | детальніше

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Severinsen:“The crisis in Ukraine was foreseeable”

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe [PACE] is planning to pass a resolution on the functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine, following an urgent debate on the situation in Ukraine | детальніше

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The perils of carrying out ones duty?

The investigator who launched a criminal investigation into the non-observance by the Minister of Justice of the President’s Decree dissolving parliament has been dismissed | детальніше

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Constitutional Court Judges’ fears confirmed

The Ukrainian Security Service [SBU] has found that the allegations of danger in one of the cases cited by five members of the Constitutional Court at a press conference last week were justified. | детальніше

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Constitutional Court: Chronicle of commentary or pressure

Given the rapid flow of information, some conflicting, some almost immediately refuted, it has seemed misleading to merely present readers with this or that report on the Constitutional Court and its likely role in determining whether or not the President’s Decree of 2 April 2007 was constitutional. The following is a brief summary of key events and statements over the last week | детальніше

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Human Rights Ombudsperson to look into the illegal involvement of children in political protest

As the Co-Chair of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Yevhen Zakharov explains, he has received official confirmation from the Head of the Chyhyryn District Administration that at the beginning of April students from a local school were taken to Kyiv to take part in a political rally in support of the coalition. Each child was also promised 40 UH. | детальніше

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On children being enlisted for political rallies

Open letter to the the Human Rights Ombudsperson Nina Karpachova calling on her to investigate incidents where children were apparently taken by members of the Party of the Regions from school to Kyiv for political rallies | детальніше

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Children on Maidan

A particularly distasteful element in any political crisis is the deliberate use of certain members of society for political gain. Worst of all is when this involves children | детальніше

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Kolesnychenko and Kivalov put pressure on judges

Judges from the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv which suspended the Verkhovna Rada’s Resolution attempting to reinstate the former makeup of the Central Election Commission, have complained of pressure being placed on them. | детальніше

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President Yushchenko instructs Prosecutor General to investigate the incident at the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Moroz, on the other hand, preferred to ask Serhiy Kivalov, once disgraced head of the Central Election Commission, now State Deputy from the Party of the Regions, and if the coalition had its way, reinstated head of the CEC, to investigate the incident in which he was allegedly directly involved … | детальніше

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Verkhovna Rada gets even with judge who went against Moroz

The judge who recently issued a ruling prohibiting the publication of the law on the Cabinet of Ministers (which the President had vetoed).has been dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada despite the Judge’s being on sick leave and having asked for the issue to be discussed in his presence | детальніше

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Why early elections are our democratic right

"The recent attempts through venal means to gain a constitutional majority, enabling the coalition to overcome any Presidential veto and even change the Constitution make a mockery of democracy and seriously distort the electoral results from the 2006 parliamentary elections". | детальніше

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