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Verkhovna Rada gets even with judge who went against Moroz

The judge who recently issued a ruling prohibiting the publication of the law on the Cabinet of Ministers (which the President had vetoed).has been dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada despite the Judge’s being on sick leave and having asked for the issue to be discussed in his presence | детальніше

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Why early elections are our democratic right

"The recent attempts through venal means to gain a constitutional majority, enabling the coalition to overcome any Presidential veto and even change the Constitution make a mockery of democracy and seriously distort the electoral results from the 2006 parliamentary elections". | детальніше

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Court releases pending trial five of those accused of violence in Kharkiv on 16 December

The leader of the civic organization “Misky Dozor” says that his organization will be seeking to have the charges changed from “hooliganism” to the Article on “mass disturbances”. He claims that release pending trial means that the court proceedings will be deliberately dragged out to end up being finally forgotten. | детальніше

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The Constitutional Court to rule over the Law on the Human Rights Ombudsperson

A constitutional submission from 48 State Deputies has been registered in the Constitutional Court. It seeks an interpretation of Articles 7 and 8 of the Law on the Human Rights Ombudsperson, those covering the need for impartiality and independence of the Ombudsperson and the prohibition on political engagement | детальніше

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Court hearing into the disturbances in Kharkiv on 16 December scheduled for 28 March

The Dzherzhynsky Court in Kharkiv is scheduled to begin a preliminary hearing into the case over the events on 197 Klockivska St. on 16 December last year which resulted in a number of people being beaten up. The charges are under "hooliganism", not "mass riots", as the SBU launched a criminal investigation into. | детальніше

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Criminal proceedings against ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Lutsenko quashed

A Kyiv court yesterday revoked the decree launching a criminal investigation against the leader of the civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”] Yury Lutsenko, finding no elements of a crime. | детальніше

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Political parties have already forgotten about defending human rights

Once they got into parliament, political parties promptly forgot their pre-election promises in human rights-related areas. This was one of the main conclusions presented by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union [UHHRU] at today’s press conference on the results of their monitoring | детальніше

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Why you should always advertise your press conferences

The “Maidan” Alliance’s announcement that it had filed a civil suit calling for the appointment of Nina Karpachova Human Rights Ombudsperson) to be declared unlawful and invalid and that it would be carrying out regular and vigilant monitoring of the activities of the Human Rights Ombudsperson had salutary impact | детальніше

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Court declares Lutsenko a “free man”

The Podilsky District Court in Kyiv has suspended the criminal investigation by the Prosecutor General against the leader of the civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”] in order to ascertain the legitimacy of the grounds for launching such an investigation.. | детальніше

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Yevhen Zakharov: There are grounds for assuming political motives over the situation with Lutsenko

Following the inexplicable search carried out by the prosecutor’s office today of the home of Yury Lutsenko, leader of the civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”], human rights defenders are concerned that the actions being taken may have political grounds | детальніше

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The Fun and games are over

It would be well worth those officials who have their own ways of “defending” our human rights taking note that civic society does not suffer from their blurred understanding of human rights. | детальніше

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Political reform in Ukraine and European democratic standards

All modern history demonstrates that a political regime which violates human rights and the rule of law ever more overtly is sooner or later doomed. | детальніше

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Shadowing for transparency

A call to civic society to institute a Civic – “Shadow “ - Human Rights Ombudsperson. This person could be supported by representatives in every Ukrainian region, each of whom would liaise with civic and human rights organizations in their region. | детальніше

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Open letter to the Authorised Human Rights Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Nina Karpachova

Since the immanent function of the State in human rights defence is politicized by the Nomenklatura, this noble cause has again, as under the Soviet regime, fallen on the shoulders of civic human rights defenders. Now we are not only without the support of the State, but in overcoming the incredible resistance of the Nomenklatura, we are forced to undertake the work for which taxpayers pay you enormous amounts of money. | детальніше

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Address to the Ukraine – 2007 Conference in the European Parliament

There is no more immediate task in Ukraine than that on which we are working – the creation of a powerful machine for independent civic assessment of the work of the authorities, for appealing against decisions which run counter to the law, human rights and public interest, for the lobbying of these interests. | детальніше

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OPORA: Statement on the election of a “new” Ombudsperson

The civic network OPORA condemns the actions of those Deputies who, in voting for a defender of human rights in Ukraine, were governed by political motives and not by their duty to the public. We promise that public control over the actions of the newly elected Ombudsperson will be scrupulous and vigilant. | детальніше

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Party of the Regions to determine policy on human rights

Ukrainian human rights groups did not succeed in bringing real human rights defender, Yevhen Zakharov., a person enjoying real support in his professional milieu, to the post of Human Rights Ombudsperson | детальніше

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Vote for Human Rights Ombudsperson on Thursday, 8 February

Yevhen Zakharov believes that the institution of regional representatives of the Human Rights Ombudsperson needs to be introduced in order to increase the effectiveness of the work of the Ombudsperson in Ukraine | детальніше

Переглядів 2054

Group formed to monitor the Human Rights Ombudsperson’s work

One of the many roundtables on “Public control over the work of the Human Rights Ombudsperson – guarantee for effective human rights protection in Ukraine” held throughout Ukraine on 5 February took place in Mykolaiv. The participants came to the conclusion that the work of the Human Rights Ombudsperson and his / her Secretariat require public monitoring. | детальніше

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Public control over the work of the Human Rights Ombudsperson!

In 10 Ukrainian cities on 5 February, civic organizations will be discussing a plan for future practical actions aimed at improving the work of the office of the Human Rights Ombudsperson and bringing this into line with Ukraine’s Constitution, laws and international commitments. The campaign “Zakharov as Human Rights Ombudsperson” has shown the ability of civic and human rights organizations to join efforts in ensuring the full development of civic society in Ukraine. | детальніше

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