Russia goes into propaganda drive over gunning down of Putin critic Arkady Babchenko in Kyiv

Russian Foreign Ministry and state-controlled media have begun pushing an alternative reality version of the gunning down in Kyiv of Arkady Babchenko, Russian journalist and outspoken critic of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin | детальніше

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Russian prosecutor demands 14-year sentence for Ukrainian journalist

Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, imprisoned in Russia since September 2016 is facing a 14-year sentence on mystery spying charges after a ‘trial’ heard before a closed court. | детальніше

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Detained in Moscow for demanding that Russia #FreeSentsov

As concern mounts over Oleg Sentsov’s indefinite hunger strike, Russians have been detained for legal single-person pickets in his defence and French President Macron has been called upon to act as intermediary in securing Sentsov’s release. | детальніше

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Belarus court passes 8-year sentence on Ukrainian journalist probing FSB abduction of teenage Ukrainian political prisoner

The Belarusian Supreme Court has found Pavlo Sharoiko guilty of ‘spying’ and sentenced him to eight years’ imprisonment. The level of secrecy about this case, and the fact that Sharoiko has only had a state-appointed lawyer make scepticism about his apparent confession to the charges seem warranted. | детальніше

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Russian prosecuted for posting that USSR invaded Poland in 1939 denied asylum in Czech Republic

The Czech authorities have found no grounds for giving Vladimir Luzgin political asylum, and say that they cannot “get into a discussion about historical facts”.  No ‘discussion’ is, in fact, required, since 38-year-old Luzgin was prosecuted in Russia for reposting a text that quite correctly states that both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939. | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar who sued Putin over annexation of Crimea ‘deported’ to Uzbekistan

Russia has sent Crimean Tatar Nedim Khalilov against his will to Uzbekistan after illegally taking him from his Crimean home and holding him in a ‘centre for foreigners’ in Russia for 18 months.  This cynical deportation of a 58-year-old who has no links with Uzbekistan can be viewed as reprisal for Khalilov’s attempt to bring legal proceedings against Russian President Vladimir Putin over Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea | детальніше

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Sentsov’s life on the line in defence of all Russia’s Ukrainian political prisoners means no World Cup as usual

Ukrainian filmmaker and Kremlin hostage Oleg Sentsov has declared an indefinite hunger strike with his sole demand being the release of all the Ukrainian political prisoners held by Russia. It seems he has been planning this move for the last month and a half and he told his lawyer: “If I die before or during the World Cup, there will be publicity that can help other political prisoners”.   | детальніше

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Russia: Telegram block leads to widespread assault on freedom of expression online (UPDATED)

53 international and Russian human rights, media and Internet freedom organisations, strongly condemn the attempts by the Russian Federation to block the Internet messaging service Telegram. | детальніше

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Enjoy the World Cup in Russia where you can get 20 years for opposing annexation of Crimea

Fans visiting the 2018 World Cup this summer are to be ‘protected’ by Cossacks similar to those who helped Russian soldiers invade Ukrainian Crimea in 2014.  Hardly an accidental choice of thugs considering that the Kremlin has tried to protect itself against criticism by hiding Ukrainian political prisoners like Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov and civic activist Oleksandr Kolchenko thousands of kilometres away from Moscow.  | детальніше

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Russia abducts Ukrainian soldier for new ‘Right Sector’ show trial

The authoritative Memorial Human Rights Centre has declared 28-year-old Oleksandr Shumkov a political prisoner, finding both the circumstances by which the Ukrainian soldier came to be in Russia, and the charges against him extremely suspect.  There are strong grounds for believing that Shumkov was abducted from Ukrainian territory, and the charges that Russia has brought are truly surreal.   | детальніше

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Kremlin’s Ukrainian political prisoners savagely tortured, jailed & now sued 1 million rubles for invented crimes

Russia’s “most falsified Ukrainian show trial” has taken on yet another cynical twist with Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klykh each ordered to pay 500 thousand roubles ‘compensation’ for a death that neither man had anything to do with in a country that neither had set foot in | детальніше

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Ukrainian-Belarusian journalist seized in Belarus could face 6-year sentence

38-year-old Dzmitry Halko was arrested on 22 April on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border and is facing charges of ‘attacking a police officer’, with many assuming the arrest to be in fact linked with his role in Belarusian Partisan and other independent Belarusian publications. | детальніше

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Russian state TV uses old film footage to ‘prove’ chemical attack in Syria was faked

Two Russian state-controlled channels have used shots from a 2016 feature film as part of ‘evidence’ to back Moscow’s claim that the chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma was staged | детальніше

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Lawyer defending Ukrainian journalist accused by Russia of ‘spying’ stripped of his status

Mark Feygin, the well-known Russian lawyer representing imprisoned Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, has been stripped of his lawyer’s status. Feygin asserts that the decision was politically-motivated and links it with his defence of Sushchenko | детальніше

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Russia falsifies medical records endangering the life of abducted Ukrainian teenager Pavlo Hryb

It is seven months since Russia’s FSB abducted Ukrainian student Pavlo Hryb from Belarus and since the 19-year-old, who has an extremely serious medical condition, saw the Ukrainian specialists treating him.  Russia has refused to allow Ukrainian doctors to examine him and is producing suspiciously ‘healthy’ test results to try to justify their refusal to provide him with proper medical care. | детальніше

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Plundering & Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia & occupied Crimea

A year after Russia outlawed the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a first believer is on trial, facing a ten-year prison sentence and repressive measures are gaining pace.  These include armed searches and arrests, as well as the state theft of Jehovah’s Witness land and property.  It seems only a matter of time before Jehovah’s Witnesses join the ever-rising number of Ukrainians illegally imprisoned in occupied Crimea. | детальніше

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Ukrainian sentenced to 12 years for a snapshot of cows at a disused aerodrome

After concocting a ‘trial’ on truly surreal ‘spying’ charges to imprison Ukrainian Viktor Shur, Russia has since deployed any means to prevent him having contact with the Ukrainian consul and lawyers | детальніше

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Russian poet convicted of ‘incitement’ for poem in support of Ukraine

Alexander Byvshev has been convicted of ‘incitement to enmity’ and sentenced to 330 hours community service for a poem entitled ‘On Ukraine’s Independence’.   | детальніше

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Russian Historian of the Terror Yuri Dmitriev acquitted of main charges

In a step back from the brink, a court in Russia has acquitted renowned historian Yuri Dmitriev of manifestly absurd charges for which the prosecutor had demanded a nine-year maximum security prison sentence.  | детальніше

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Russian historian faces 9-year sentence for exposing the victims and perpetrators of Stalin’s Terror

Verdict is due on 5 April in the trial of Yuri Dmitriev, a world-renowned Russian historian and head of the Karelia branch of the Memorial Society. The prosecution has demanded a 9-year sentence, despite even the expert assessments ordered by the court dismissing the charges | детальніше

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