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In Memory: Marlena Rakhlina

It is with great sadness that we inform of the death of Marlena Rahklina, poet, translator and friend to many Soviet dissidents | detail

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Cześć ich Pamięci Eternal Memory

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In Memory

"...With those gathered near the Katyń graves we join in prayer for the dead, for the President of Rzeczpospolita Polska, his wife, for the last President of RP in Exile, for all who perished, for their families and also for Poland .. | detail

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In Memory: Yaroslav Dashkevych

In his moving tribute to Yaroslav Dashkevych who died on 25 February, historian Yaroslav Hrytsak writes that the words "great Ukrainian historian” minimize his significance. He was Ukrainian – and to the core, sincerely and firmly. Yet as about Ivan Franko one wants to say that he shone not only to all of Ukraine, but but that his light radiated far further" | detail

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Andriy Matrosov: In memory of a friend and colleague

Andriy Matrosov, journalist, human rights activist and producer of the Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “Docudays.ua” died yesterday in a car accident | detail

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In Memoriam: Iryna Senyk

Iryna Senyk, poet, former political prisoner, member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group (UHG), died on 25 October 2009 She was 83 | detail

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Marek Edelman 1919 - 2009

Marek Edelman was one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and later active in Poland’s democratic movement. A man who saved life and fought for freedom, in free Poland his voice was never silent on important civic matters | detail

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Babi Yar: In Remembrance

As well as the Victims, we remember also the 431 “Righteous of Babi Yar” who saved Jews. “This title was bestowed on all family members alive at the time of the executions because all members of a family would have been shot by the Germans if their aid had been discovered” | detail

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In Memoriam: Petro Saranchuk

Petro Stepanovych Saranchuk, one of the members of the national liberation movement and former political prisoner, died on 10 September in Mykolaiv, aged 81 | detail

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The Edge of National Memory (Volyn 1943)

The murder of a child is a horrific crime regardless of political considerations, regardless of injustices endured. However much Poles may have oppressed Ukrainians, there can be no justification, historical, political or moral, for the murder of civilians | detail

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In Memoriam: Zoya Krakhmalnikova

Human rights defender and writer Zoya Krakhmalnikova has died In Moscow after a long illness. She was 80 | detail

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In Memoriam: Vladislav Niedobora

Vladislav Hryhorovych Niedobora, the oldest member of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group died on 2 April. He was one of four people from Kharkiv sentenced for signing a letter deemed “anti-Soviet” in 1969 | detail

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In Memoriam: Inna Fedushchak

Inna Fedushchak, Head of the “Poshuk” [“Search”] Society and member of the International Historical, Educational and Human Rights Society “Memorial”, has died in Lviv, aged 71. | detail

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In Memoriam: Mstislav Rostropovych

Mstislav Rostropovych died today, 27 April 2007, in Moscow. An immeasurable loss not only for the world of music, but for all who bowed before his unwavering courage and commitment to human rights | detail

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A Zaporizhyan Cossack in life and in his art

The funeral took place today in Ivano-Frankivsk of the artist, laureate of the Shevchenko State Award and former political prisoner Opanas Zalyvakha | detail

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In Memoriam: Opanas Zalyvakha

The death has been announced of the well-known artist Opanas Zalyvakha. He died in Ivano-Frankivsk in the early hours of 24 April 2007 | detail

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In Memoriam: Yury Levada

Yury Aleksandrovich Levada, world famous sociologist, head of the Levada Centre and partner and friend for many years of the Russian human rights movement has died in Moscow at the age of 77. He suffered a heart attack while at work and died before help came. | detail

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Forum in Kyiv honours the victims of Babi Yar

In Kyiv today ceremonies are being held to honour the memory of those murdered in Babi Yar during the Second World War | detail

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On 16 September we honoured the memory of Georgy Gongadze and all murdered journalists

The action was held without any party or organization emblems by ordinary individuals for whom Gongadze’s memory was not a means of gaining political mileage | detail

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On Saturday 16 September at 19.00 a meeting will be held on Maidan Nezalezhnosti [Independence Square] to mark the sixth anniversary of Georgy Gongadze’s disappearance (updated) | detail

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