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In memory of Vasyl Stus

21 years ago today Vasyl Stus, Ukrainian poet, human rights activist and member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, died in an isolation cell in one of the Perm Political Prisoner Camps | detail

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Ukraine today bid farewell to Nadiya Svitlychna

Members of the Ukrainian Diaspora joined all those in Ukraine who came to honour and remember defender of human rights, Nadiya Svitlychna. President Viktor Yushchenko flew to Kyiv specially in order to attend the funeral. | detail

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A last farewell to Nadiya Svitlychna

You were for me, and doubtless for thousands of people in Ukraine and in the Diaspora – living Ukraine, the embodiment of our principles, our conscience | detail

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The light has faded

"We would like Nadiya Svitlychna’s impassioned, honest life to really become a lesson for us all on how not to be afraid, not to betray others, how not to crawl or sell out". | detail

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Remembering NADIYA SVITLYCHNA | detail

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In Memoriam: Nadiya Svitlychna

Nadiya Svitlychna, who spent four years in a Soviet labour camp, and who in emigration was active in the External Representation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group and edited the “Bulletin of repression in Ukraine”, has died | detail

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In memory of Larissa Bogoraz who would have been 77 today

On what would have been Larissa Bogoraz’s birthday, and a few days before the anniversary of the crushing of the Prague Spring, we remember one of those courageous enough to voice protest | detail

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In memory of Janusz Korczak

"I don’t know what parting words I would have for the children. I would like to tell them a lot, to tell them that they are free to choose their path”. | detail

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In Memoriam: Dina Kaminskaya

Dina Kaminskaya, lawyer and committed human rights activist, who defended many dissidents in the 1960s and 1970s, has died at the age of 87. We join the International Society "Memorial" in expressing our deepest sorrow at her passing. | detail

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Learning to walk upright

Personal reflections on Andrei Sakharov | detail

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Somebody had to come out first on Maidan

An impassioned reminder to us all about those who came out onto Maidan in Soviet times and who, with their courage and refusal to be cowered, "created a civic society and laid the foundations for independence" | detail

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Relatives of Katyń victims plan to take Russia to the European Court of Human Rights

Among other complaints, they claim that the Russian authorities violated the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms by not carrying out a proper investigation | detail

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In Memory of the Victims of the Solovky embarkation point

The Sandarmokh Cossack Cross and a call to pay tribute to the victims of Soviet Terror whose unmarked graves lie in Sandarmokh and on Solovky. | detail

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Brief biography of Yuri Murashov

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In Memoriam: Yuri Murashov

On 1 September 2005, our friend and colleague, Yuri Murashov, Chairperson of the Ukrainian Committee “Helsinki-90”, of the all-Ukrainian Society of Political Prisoners and Victims of Repression, and Deputy of the Podilsk District Council, was tragically killed in an accident | detail

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I am happy because it has been my good fortune to be in charge of a worthy task!

Monument “To the Slaughtered Sons and Daughters of Ukraine” in the Sandarmokh Clearing (Karelia) | detail

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Evhen Sverstiuk: Letter to editorial board of the bulletin “Prava ludyny”

I want to thank you for the special issue of “Prava ludyny” in memory of Genrikh Altunian. To prolong his existence in our world, even by a kind word, is quite natural wish, the same as to prolong a summer. | detail

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