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Crimean children taught that Russia didn’t invade Crimea and that Ukraine was an accident

Almost seven years after Russian soldiers seized control of Crimea and the world had to resurrect the term annexation, last used about Adolf Hitler, in response, Crimean children are learning quite a different version of history. | детальніше

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19-year sentence demanded against Crimean Tatar businessman for wanting Russia out of Crimea

The prosecutor in Russian-occupied Crimea has asked for a 19-year sentence against Crimean Tatar businessman and TV ATR General Director Lenur Islyamov for what Russia is claiming was ‘sabotage, separatism and the creation of an illegal armed formation’. | детальніше

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Covid-19 deaths of medical workers concealed in Russian-occupied Crimea

Human rights monitors have learned that the real rate of infection from Covid-19 in Russian-occupied Crimea is likely to be four times higher than the official figures, and the authorities are lying about the number of medical workers who have died as a result of the virus. | детальніше

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Russia prevents jailed Crimean Tatar activists facing 20-year sentences from learning what they’re charged with

After Russia’s most flagrant offensive against 25 Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists in March 2019 elicited huge international condemnation, Moscow is clearly trying to minimize publicity for the puppet trials expected to rubberstamp 15-20 year sentences | детальніше

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Russian legislators launch multiple hits against civil society in occupied Crimea and Russia

A record four draft bills are currently awaiting ‘consideration’ in Russia’s State Duma with all evidently aimed at crushing the activities of Russian NGOs and further stifling freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly | детальніше

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New offensive against wife of Crimean prisoner of conscience sentenced to 12 years for converting to Islam

This new visitation only confirms the suspicion that Anna Bogacheva’s husband, Vadim Siruk, an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, was targeted by the occupation regime as an ethnic Ukrainian convert to Islam. | детальніше

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Ukraine charges judges with treason over persecution of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader Ilmi Umerov

Ukraine’s Crimean Prosecutor has passed to the court indictments against two turncoat ‘judges’, involved in Russia’s politically-motivated persecution of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader, Ilmi Umerov | детальніше

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Ukrainian political prisoner: “I didn’t come to Moscow on a tank. You came to me in Crimea”

Russia’s FSB have accused 63-year-old Oleh Prykhodko of planning serious terrorist attacks, yet they stopped searching his two garages after ‘finding’ explosives in the first garage and saw no need to check why the phone Prykhodko used was registered in somebody else’s name | детальніше

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Russia instils ‘patriotism’ in occupied Crimea with automatic rifles and propaganda

Air pistols; automatic rifles; sniper and air rifles have been purchased for the Artek children’s camp in occupied Crimea, with this Russia’s latest criminal use of weapons to attract Crimean children to the occupiers’ army and to inculcate a war-focused notion of ‘patriotism’ | детальніше

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Forcibly disappeared Crimean Tatar activist ‘summoned’ to appear at Russia’s grotesque trial of Mustafa Dzhemilev

A Russian-controlled court in Armyansk has ordered that Ervin Ibragimov be forcibly brought to the court to give testimony, four years after the Crimean Tatar activist was abducted by men in Russian road patrol uniform and disappeared without trace | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar political prisoner with dangerous Covid-19 symptoms thrown into punishment cell

45-year-old Teymur Abdullayev has a high temperature and other symptoms associated with coronavirus, yet instead of being taken to hospital, he has been placed in a Russian punishment cell where the conditions are especially appalling | детальніше

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Convicted of worship as Russia steps up persecution of religious ‘dissidents’ in occupied Crimea

Ablyakim Galiyev has become the latest Imam in occupied Crimea to be found guilty of ‘illegal missionary activity’ for having held Friday prayers in his own mosque in a village near Sudak | детальніше

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Ukraine sabotages reintegration chances for students from occupied Crimea and Donbas

Ukraine’s Ministry of Education is refusing to set aside funding for critical preparatory courses and information work, aimed at ensuring that young Ukrainians from occupied Crimea and Donbas can study in government-controlled Ukraine | детальніше

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Russia launches dangerous new ‘foreign agent’ offensive against independent NGOs

New plans are underway to further stifle Russian human rights organizations and other NGOs whom the authorities have labelled ‘foreign agents’ | детальніше

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Russia could kill Crimean Tatar political prisoner imprisoned for civic activism

Even according to Russian legislation, 58-year-old Dzhemil Gafarov is much too ill to be held in detention, yet he remains imprisoned, with his lawyer constantly ignored or given evidently false information about Gafarov’s condition | детальніше

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Ukraine arrests Crimean turncoat implicated in persecution of Crimean Tatars

Mykola (Russian – Nikolai) Fedoryan, a former high-ranking Crimean police officer, has been arrested in Ukraine on charges of state treason after being detained as he tried to enter occupied Crimea | детальніше

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Russian-installed Crimean leader praises FSB for terrorizing Crimean Tatars

Sergei Aksyonov confirmed that the operation on Monday evening was aimed at intimidation, and effectively threatened to treat acts of solidarity with Crimean Tatar political prisoners as ‘abetting terrorism’. | детальніше

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Russian ‘pride’ over invasion and annexation of Crimea is fading fast

There has been a significant decline in the number of Russians declaring pride in what the pollsters call the ‘reunification of Crimea’ | детальніше

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Russia passes monstrous sentences without any crime against three Crimean Tatar political prisoners

Rustem Emiruseinov; Arsen Abkhairov and Eskender Abdulganiev were never accused of any recognizable crime, yet a Russian court has sentenced them to 17, 13 and 12 years’ imprisonment | детальніше

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Russia detains almost 200 Crimean Tatars and closes Crimea Bridge in brazen act of intimidation

Around 200 Crimean Tatars were stopped by Russian traffic police on Monday evening, and were effectively held against their will through the night near the illegal bridge between Kerch in occupied Crimea and Russia | детальніше

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