Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Mother of Crimean Tatar prisoner of conscience prosecuted for solitary picket in his defence

The Russian-controlled police in occupied Crimea have initiated administrative proceedings against Venera Mustafayeva after she stood on the street alone, with a placard reading “Conversations in a mosque are not a crime – bring back my son” | detail

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Nariman Memedeminov freed after sentence for reporting on political trials in occupied Crimea

Although no restrictions have been imposed on his public activities, any such journalist activities in occupied Crimea carry enormous risks | detail

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Russia will imprison all Crimean Solidarity journalists & activists if Ukrainians and the West let it

Any silence from western countries, the Ukrainian Diaspora and from human rights and journalist organizations will be taken by Russia as a carte blanche for further persecution. | detail

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Russia sentences Seiran Saliyev to 16 years on same political charges as his great-grandfather in Soviet times

A Russian court on 16 September 2020 sentenced Crimean Tatar civic journalist Seiran Saliyev to 16 years’ imprisonment on an identical charge to that used by the Soviet regime against his great-grandfather. | detail

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Acquittal and monstrous sentences in Russia’s offensive against Crimean Tatar civic journalists & activists

f Russia was hoping through the wonderful acquittal of Ernes Ametov to prove that these are real ‘trials’ before independent courts, there is no chance. All eight civic journalists and activists have long been recognized as political prisoners, and all should have been acquitted. | detail

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State honour in Ukraine as Russia prepares horrific sentence against Crimean Solidarity Coordinator

I don’t want my children, my people to live in a country of threats and intimidation; of humiliation and torture; of abductions and illegal arrests; of aggression and repression. I know that everyone is against all of that, against what is happening in Crimea - Server Mustafayev | detail

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Russia uses Ukrainian turncoat & fugitive from justice to seek 146 years’ imprisonment for Crimean Tatar activists

The prosecution’s case is essentially based on the testimony of a Ukrainian turncoat, now working for the Russian FSB; two secret witnesses whose identity and motives for testifying are known and the ‘expert assessments’ of three people with no expert knowledge of the subject. | detail

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Imprisoned Crimean Tatar human rights defender thrown in punishment cell for asking a question

Russia is illegally holding Emir-Usein Kuku and four other Ukrainian prisoners of conscience thousands of kilometres from their homes, and in conditions that are freezing for men accustomed to the warm climate of Crimea | detail

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Ukrainian hostages not forgotten but Russia understands only the language of ransoms and sanctions

Exactly a year after Russia released 24 Ukrainian POWs and 11 political prisoners, three of the men freed: Oleg Sentsov; Oleksandr Kolchenko and Volodymyr Balukh – have addressed the over 100 Crimean Tatars and other Ukrainians whom Russia is showing no intention of releasing. | detail

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Russia uses multiple clone trials to hide mass operation against Crimean Tatar human rights movement

The real aim of five clone trials is almost certainly to deflect attention from Russia’s most brazen attack to date on Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists informing the world about violations in occupied Crimea and helping the victims of persecution | detail

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FSB abductions and a chilling new weapon of repression used in Russian-occupied Crimea

The Russian FSB finally released Crimean Solidarity and Grani.ru journalist Aider Kadyrov in the early hours of 1 September, almost 18 hours after they first took him and three other Crimean Tatars from their homes | detail

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Empty promises from Ukraine’s leaders as release of Kremlin’s hostages ‘buried’

It is almost exactly a year since Russia finally freed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, 24 prisoners of war and 10 other political prisoners in an exchange almost certainly aimed at getting important MH17 witness and likely suspect, Vladimir Tsemakh, out of the reach of the Dutch prosecutor | detail

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Russian occupiers of Crimea want the UN to force Ukraine to give them water

After violating international law and flouting the United Nations General Assembly by invading and annexing Crimea, Russia is now planning to complain to that same United Nations because Ukraine is not providing occupied Crimea with water | detail

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Russia hides Crimean Tatar prisoner of conscience suffering from Covid-19

A week has passed since Muslim Aliev’s family learned that the Ukrainian political prisoner and Amnesty International prisoner of conscience was suffering from coronavirus, and they have no idea even where he is being held | detail

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Crimean Tatar civic activist could face life sentence for retracting ‘confession’ given under torture

Crimean Solidarity activist and political prisoner, Rayim Aivazov has had the charges against him significantly increased , just as the Russian ‘investigators’ threatened when Aivazov retracted a confession which they had extracted through torture | detail

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Jailed 62-year-old Ukrainian charged with planning to force Russia out of Crimea with a Molotov cocktail

It is quite possible that the implausibility and falsification of evidence against Oleh Prykhodko are deliberately brazen, sending a warning to others who express pro-Ukrainian views of what they can expect if they don’t leave Crimea. | detail

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Russia’s most anonymous machine for persecuting Crimean Tatars claims another victim

Russia’s FSB is clearly hoping to convince people, at least in occupied Crimea and Russia, that there is a dangerous fifth column of Crimean Tatars in Crimea “working against Russia’s interests”, but being thwarted in this by the vigilant FSB | detail

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Russia uses dodgy ‘secret witness’ to fabricate proof in trial of Crimean Tatar political prisoners

The concept of a ‘protected witness’ has a quite different meaning for Russian courts, especially when the aim is to imprison Crimean Tatar political prisoners for up to 20 years without any crime | detail

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Russian court moves to silence internationally acclaimed Crimean Tatar lawyer

A week after a Russian court in Rostov denied Crimean Tatar political prisoner Server Mustafayev his right to defend himself in court, the same judges have filed a formal complaint against one of the defence lawyers on equally unwarranted grounds | detail

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Elderly Ukrainian imprisoned by Russian invaders of Crimea for ‘treason against Russia’

Six years after invading and annexing Ukrainian Crimea, Russia is claiming that 65-year-old Ukrainian Halyna Dovhopola is guilty of ‘treason against Russia’ which she purportedly demonstrated by ‘spying for Ukraine’. | detail

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