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Russia’s puppet Crimean leader hides from Crimean Tatar veteran activists outraged by his lies

Russia’s puppet Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov thanked the FSB for their persecution of seven Crimean Muslims, including a man who is blind and unable to move freely. Aksyonov hid behind closed doors, however, when a group of elderly veterans of the Crimean Tatar national movement arrived, demanding an apology | detail

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“Crimea is our land. We did not give it to Russia, nor did we sell it” Powerful final court address by Crimean Tatar human rights defender

The judges on 25 June who confirmed horrific sentences against Emir-Usein Kuku, Crimean Tatar human rights activist and Amnesty International prisoner of conscience and five other Ukrainian political prisoners were almost certainly following directives ‘from above’. So too, however, were the Soviet NKVD who took part in executing so-called ‘enemies of the people’ | detail

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Blind man among those arrested for Russia’s conveyor belt of terror in occupied Crimea

Seven men were arrested in occupied Crimea on 7 July 2020 in Russia’s new fabricated ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir’ case, with the FSB having reached new depths and arrested a man who is totally blind | detail

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New illegal excavations at Chersonese in occupied Crimea as Russia tries to rewrite history

The Russian occupation authorities have resumed illegal excavations at Tauric Chersonese near Sevastopol, the site of an ancient city which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List | detail

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Russia begins ‘trial’ of Crimean Tatar leader for crossing a non-existent state border

The ‘trial’ on charges of surreal lawlessness has (almost) begun in occupied Crimea of veteran Crimean Tatar leader and Ukrainian MP, Mustafa Dzhemilev | detail

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Far-right French politicians enter Crimea illegally to rubberstamp fake Putin and occupation forever vote

If far-right French politician Thierry Mariani publicly denied the Holocaust, he would have long been removed from the EU’s European Endowment for Democracy. Why is his public support for Russia’s occupation of Crimea and denial of human rights crimes not regarded as a problem? | detail

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Crimean Tatar political prisoners punished for refusing to take part in Russia’s ’forever Putin referendum’

Several Crimean Tatar prisoners and their cellmates have been threatened and punished because they refused to take part in the pseudo ‘referendum’ on amendments to Russia’s Constitution | detail

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CoE’s Russian partner persecutes 90-year-old believer & hundreds of Crimean & Russian political prisoners

A Russian body which boasts of collaboration with the Council of Europe has added Rimma Vashchenko, a 90-year-old Jehovah’s Witness to its notorious ‘List of Terrorists and Extremists’, which also contains the names of over 80 Ukrainian political prisoners | detail

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Crimean Tatar Regional Mejlis leader on trial for a museum exhibit WWII weapon

Any old charge will do in Russian-occupied Crimea when the target is a Crimean Tatar regional Mejlis leader like 69-year-old Ilver Ametov | detail

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Huge sentences upheld for defending human rights and integrity in Russian-occupied Crimea

A Russian court has refused to revoke horrific sentences against Crimean Tatar human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku and five other Ukrainian Muslims despite the lack of any crime and a record-breaking number of falsifications | detail

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Russia admits its constitutional changes are aimed at making return of Crimea to Ukraine “impossible”

The co-chair of Putin’s working group on amendments to the Constitution has openly acknowledged that one of the additions is aimed at preventing any legislative initiative that would end Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea. | detail

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Stalin took Crimean Tatar Dilyara Alieva’s homeland and parents; Putin’s Russia has taken her son

83-year-old Dilyara Alieva lived through Stalin’s Deportation and, 72-years later relived the horror when Russia’s FSB came to take her son away | detail

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Young father sentenced to seven years for refusing to collaborate with the FSB

In Russian-occupied Crimea, a Ukrainian turncoat has helped the Russian FSB persecute Ukrainians, with many targeted for demonstrating the integrity he lacked | detail

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Russia is plundering Crimean Massandra Winery for Putin’s oligarch cronies

Russia is planning to ‘privatize’ the renowned Massandra Winery in occupied Crimea, with the essentially priceless Ukrainian wine cellars and vineyards likely to be sold for a pittance to one of the Russian oligarchs close to Russian President Vladimir Putin | detail

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Russian court refuses to consider proof that Crimean Tatar rights activist and 5 other political prisoners should be acquitted

Russia’s appeal hearing against the 76 years passed down against six Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners has received important attention from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the European Union | detail

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Pro-Kremlin ‘Ukrainian’ propaganda media created in occupied Crimea as smoke screen for court at the Hague

The new ‘media’ are in the Ukrainian language, but strictly pro-Moscow in content, and seem an obvious, though primitive, attempt to fool the UN’s International Court of Justice | detail

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Russia flouts its own law to avoid releasing gravely ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner

Dzhemil Gafarov is held in conditions that place his life in danger, and since the Russian occupation regime cannot admit to that, they are ignoring all formal requests for information | detail

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No money for medics in occupied Crimea & Russia, while 15 billion spent to rubberstamp Putin’s life presidency

Even a new norm in the criminal code and draconian punishments are not enough to conceal the dire situation, especially for those on the frontline in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, | detail

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Russia caught lying to OSCE about ‘persecution’ of Russian-speakers in Ukraine

Russia really should avoid citing authoritative Ukrainian public opinion pollsters when lying about the language situation in Ukraine | detail

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Outbreak of Covid-19 in Russian prison holding Ukrainian prisoners of conscience

All Russian SIZOs are notoriously filthy, unsanitary and overcrowded, meaning that the three men are without any protection against the potentially deadly virus | detail

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