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Reshat Ametov, tortured to death for wanting his children to grow up free in Ukraine

Six years ago, Reshat Ametov, a 39-year-old Crimean Tatar father of three, was abducted from outside the Crimean parliament where he was standing in silent protest at Russia’s invasion. His savagely tortured body was found two weeks later | детальніше

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Imam found guilty of “missionary activity” for holding prayers in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia is illegally applying its dangerously fuzzy legislation on “unlawful missionary activity”, with the latest target a Muslim prosecuted for leading the daily prayers in a mosque. | детальніше

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Russia uses Trial by Fake Secret Witnesses to imprison Crimean Tatars

The questioning on 26 February of a ‘secret prosecution witness’ in the trial of three Crimean Tatar political prisoners was the stuff that comedies are made of. Or would have been, except that all three men are facing sentences of up to 20 years for no recognizable crime | детальніше

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Russia seeks record sentence against Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witness in occupied Crimea

Russia has marked the sixth anniversary of its invasion of Crimea by proposing to sentence Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witness, Serhiy Filatov, to seven years in a maximum security prison for supposedly “undermining state security” by practising his faith. | детальніше

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Russian FSB arrests two Crimean teenagers, claim link with Kerch massacre they missed

The FSB in occupied Kerch have arrested two boys, one 16, the other just a year older, and are claiming to have thus averted terrorist attacks on two educational institutions | детальніше

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Stark warning that Russia could use military force to get water for occupied Crimea

Oleksiy Melnyk from the authoritative Razumkov Centre believes that Russia will use blackmail or resort to a military operation to get Ukraine to reinstate water supplies to occupied Crimea | детальніше

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Russia threatens sister of Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev with prosecution for “extremism”

Dilyara Seitveliyeva, sister of veteran Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev, has received a “warning against extremism” from the Russian occupation regime | детальніше

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Russian "experts" claim calls to pray for political prisoners are proof of terrorism

International outrage over Russia’s huge sentences against seven young men from Penza for involvement in an entirely fictitious “Network” is undoubtedly warranted, however frustratingly selective | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar schoolboy subjected to electric shocks and other torture in Russian-occupied Crimea

17-year-old Server Rasilchak was asked if he wanted to be talked to "like a person, or like an animal". That was just before the officer began inflicting electric shocks | детальніше

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Russia arrests 55-year-old Crimean Tatar as “fighter of a Ukrainian battalion”

Russia has seized another Ukrainian political prisoner in occupied Crimea, bringing to at least five the number of new hostages since the only major exchange of prisoners to date, in September 2019 | детальніше

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Russia protects officers who killed 83-year-old Crimean Tatar veteran activist Vedzhie Kashka

A ‘court’ in Russian-occupied Crimea has refused to consider compelling evidence that enforcement officers caused the death of 83-year-old Vedzhie Kashka through the force they applied when arresting the world-renowned veteran Crimean Tatar activist. | детальніше

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Jehovah’s Witness faces 6.5 year prison sentence for religious services in Russian-occupied Crimea

A Russian prosecutor has demanded a six and a half year sentence against Artem Gerasimov, a Jehovah’s Witness from Yalta in occupied Crimea | детальніше

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Ukraine warned that abandoning Crimean Tatar TV ATR means giving up Crimea to Russia

For the second time in months, TV ATR, the only Crimean Tatar channel in the world and one of the few sources of truthful information about Crimea, is on the brink of closure because the Ukrainian authorities have blocked funding | детальніше

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Ukrainian marathon swimmer threatened with punitive psychiatry in Russian-occupied Crimea

Marathon swimmer Oleh Sofianyk has been summoned to a psychiatric hospital in occupied Sevastopol, and told that if he doesn’t go voluntarily, he could be taken by force and held there permanently | детальніше

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Russia’s first Ukrainian political prisoner was supposed to die

Maidan activist Mykola Shyptur probably became Russia’s first Ukrainian political prisoner by mistake, although not for any good reason | детальніше

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Bitter echoes of Stalin’s Deportation in Russia’s persecution of Crimean Tatars

The beatings and primitive brutality that Crimean Tatar civic activists and journalists confront from their Russian captors bring to mind the harrowing tales of 1944 that they heard from their grandparents | детальніше

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Bizarre new charge against Ukrainian activist jailed for opposing Russian occupation of Crimea

Russian ‘investigators’ have charged 61-year-old Crimean Oleh Prykhodko with planning to blow up the Russian general consulate in Lviv, Western Ukraine. The new charge seems bizarrely implausible, but then so does everything about this case | детальніше

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Ukraine will give Crimea away forever if it starts selling water to its Russian occupiers

An MP from Ukraine’s majority Servant of the People party has said that selling water to Russian-occupied Crimea is an option that the party is considering | детальніше

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Russia lies to conceal critical condition of Crimean Tatar political prisoner Dzhemil Gafarov

58-year-old Dzhemil Gafarov suffers form several life-threatening medical conditions which should preclude his imprisonment, yet Russia is refusing to release him and simply lying about his condition | детальніше

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PACE ignored gross human rights violations in Crimea to justify capitulation to Russia

Delegates from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have cited supposedly ‘positive moves’ from Russia as their excuse for removing sanctions, an excuse dismissed by both Ukrainian and Russian human rights groups t | детальніше

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