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Karpachova slams continued existence of SBU detention unit

There is no justification for the unlawful existence of this SIZO which, according to commitments made to the Council of Europe before Ukraine joined, was de jure closed in 2003 | detail

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Tax Code Protest Activist remains in custody

There were protests on Sunday outside the Kyiv police temporary holding unit where Vitaly Gruzynov has been held for four days without a court order. He is one of 7 activists accused of damaging the granite stone on Kyiv’s Independence Square during the peaceful protest by small business owners against the new Tax Code | detail

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Stop the political persecution!

January 2011 saw a wave of detentions, searches, interrogations of members of the organizations VO Svoboda [the Freedom Party], V.O. Tryzub and other similar organizations | detail

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Editor of a newspaper uncovering lawlessness of officials disappears

Vasyl Klimentyev’s colleagues believe it possible that he was abducted due to critical articles in the newspaper, which specializes in journalist investigations. Most worrying is that the police have already initiated a homicide investigation | detail

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Belarusian national wins case in Strasbourg against Ukraine

This is only one of many cases where people have been held in detention, sometimes for much longer periods, because of faults in Ukrainian procedure and legislation on extradition | detail

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Donetsk Police accustomed to beating detainees

The Instructions on carrying out internal investigations state that if a law enforcement officer involved in the case does not wish to testify, he doesn’t have to which is the point at which all internal investigations end | detail

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Donetsk Memorial: Donetsk Regional Prosecutor is flouting the Constitution

Donetsk Memorial has circulated an open letter to the Prosecutor General, copied to the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture. It concerns the actions of the Donetsk Regional Prosecutor in not complying with a court ruling finding the detention of Mr O. unlawful | detail

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Police detain peaceful protester in Kyiv

One of the members of the “Tabachnyk – Stop!” campaign who was handing out leaflets in front of the Taras Shevchenko National University where a meeting is taking place between Dmytro Tabachnyk, Minister of Education and the University’s Deans, has been detained by police | detail

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Hardly commensurate compensation

A Kyiv court has found that in the case of Vadim Hladchuk, all were at fault – police, the court and the Prosecutor’s office. It awarded damages of 125 thousand UAH, which neither Mr Hladchuk, nor his lawyer consider sufficient since the case involved real criminal prosecution | detail

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Deputies to decide whether to liberalize gun law

If a new draft law just submitted to the Verkhovna Rada is passed, permits to own traumatic pistols will be available to anyone over 21 who has received a medical OK to obtain, hold and use such weapons | detail

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Odessa police to answer for beating out a confession

The Odessa Regional Prosecutor has initiated a criminal investigation over bodily injuries suffered by a person under investigation in one of the Odessa police stations | detail

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UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention concludes visit to Ukraine

While welcoming positive measures, the Working Group still expressed concern over access to justice by detainees; repeated reports of abuse and torture in particular at the crucial stage of initial arrest and detention, and others | detail

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Head of a Regional Department for Fighting Organized Crime dismissed over the death of a detainee

The dismissal of Mykola Sych follows the initiation of a criminal investigation into the death in Prytuky of Serhiy Kuntsevsky while in police custody | detail

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How Ukraine is protecting its citizens against torture

or what has been done to implement the Optional Protocol against Torture. Two years on, very little, unfortunately, although the mobile groups visiting police places of detention have proved their value | detail

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First suspects identified over the death of a man detained in custody

The Chernihiv Regional Prosecutor has reported that a criminal investigation has been initiated against three officers and a lower-ranking employee of the Chernihiv Regional Department for Fighting Organized Crime in Prytuky | detail

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Detained man dies under suspicious circumstances in police custody

A criminal investigation has been launched after a 39-year-old died after being detained by police officers in Prytyky. | detail

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Out on bail for a million

130 people were released on bail last year, with a record 4 million UAH being paid | detail

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Two men imprisoned following confessions made under duress awarded 1 million UAH in compensation

The court awarded damages over the unlawful actions of detective inquiry and criminal investigation bodies, the prosecutor’s office and the court | detail

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Innocent Luhansk resident spent more than three years in prison

Serhiy Lesnyak is now seeking compensation from the State after a mistake made by the criminal investigation unit, the prosecutor’s office and the court cost him 3 years and 4 months wrongful imprisonment | detail

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Welcome to the Rule of Law!

Court terminates criminal investigation against civic activist Vladim Hladchuk | detail

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