Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Court in Strasbourg to consider Russian liability for abduction in Ukraine

Russia is one of the respondents in the application made by the wife of abducted journalist Yevhen Rakhno since the Crimea and the Kherson oblast region where Rakhno was stopped are effectively under Russian control | детальніше

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Abducted activist Andriy Shchekun removed for “subversive activities”

Crimea’s puppet prime minister Sergei Aksenov has effectively admitted that civic activists likely to oppose his pro-Russian line in the pseudo-referendum on Sunday are being held in custody | детальніше

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Abducted journalists and activists released

One of the people stopped on Sunday on the border between the Kherson oblast and the Crimea and then abducted has told his wife that he was beaten and robbed by Crimean Berkut officers | детальніше

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More abductions in the Crimea (updated)

As of Monday evening, at least seven civic activists and journalists have been abducted in the Crimea | детальніше

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Donetsk titushki attack civic activists. Activists detained

Civic activists in Donetsk report that the police may have been involved in bringing the thugs in, and then detained a number of activists, and at least one journalist from Donetsk News, Vitaly Sizov | детальніше

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Chernihiv EuroMaidan activist brutally beaten

Oleksandr Yasenchuk, activist of the Chernihiv EuroMaidan and member of the Prostir Svobody movement was attacked on Sunday night. He is in no doubt that the attack was linked with his civic activities which he has no intention of abandoning | детальніше

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NGOs object to unwarranted detention of Kharkiv police officers

A number of human rights organizations including KHPG have expressed concern over the detention of three police officers in the Kharkiv SIZO who used special means against a drunk and brawling judge | детальніше

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Violent assault on Hostynny Dvir activist

Yevhen Parfyonov, was attacked on Saturday night seemingly after being stopped by thugs who concluded on the basis of the fact that he was speaking Ukrainian that he was a “nationalist” | детальніше

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17 months on Olaolu Femi trial delayed for want of an interpreter

Olaola Femi has been held in custody since November 2011 following an incident which the prosecution is claiming was attempted murder. An attempt to murder five people with a broken bottle would already raise eyebrows, but there are many other worrying aspects to this case. | детальніше

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Road Control journalist on worrying criminal charge

Andriy Dzyndzya from the civic watchdog which monitors drivers’ rights is facing a charge of hooliganism over an incident reported here where he appeared to be set upon by people at an allegedly illegal private car impoundment site | детальніше

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Acquittal rate perilously close to zero

As of 10 December 2012, 1,545 people had been in SIZO or remand units without any conviction for over 18 months. | детальніше

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Strasbourg to judge on imprisonment for cutting Yanukovych’s name off a wreath

65-year-old Halyna Shvydka was jailed for 10 days after she cut the President’s name off a wreath to the poet Taras Shevchenko. | детальніше

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New arrest fears for Severodonetsk civic activist Rimma Bilotserkivska

This is the second time this year that the same judge has tried to get the civic activist remanded in custody over a rather questionable case dating back 5 years The first time the Prosecutor intervened. | детальніше

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Questionable “witness” in the Olaola Femi trial

A taxi driver has suddenly appeared as "witness" in this case a year after the events in question. Both the defendant and the key witness are adamant that he was not the taxi driver who brought them home | детальніше

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The Olaola Femi Case: Free Hand to Skinheads?

Oleh Levytsky, UHHRU lawyer says that if Olaola Femi, arrested after defending himself against a group of assailants, is found guilty, then the case will need to be taken to the European Court of Human Rights | детальніше

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One year on, still imprisoned for defending himself

It is exactly a year that Olaola Sunkami Femi, a 26-year-old Nigerian student has been held in a Ukrainian SIZO or remand prison. He is charged with trying to kill some inebriated young people who attacked him in the entrance to his apartment block on 5 November 2011 | детальніше

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Concerns over new law on security guards

The law which extends the powers of private security guards with regard to use of force and special means has been strongly criticized by human rights workers. | детальніше

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Self-Defence is No Offence!

Olaola Sunkami Femi has spent more than 9 months in a Ukrrainian SIZO despite clear evidence that he only defended himself when attacked by a group of drunk and racist louts | детальніше

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Famous accordion-player remanded for another month

Ihor Zavadsky’s lawyer says that her client is becoming blind while held in custody. Yevhenia Zakrevskaya says that although the police have completed their investigation, neither the accused nor his defence have been given the file material. | детальніше

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It’s criminals who should be in prison, not their victims!

This was the message from the 50 members of the Nigerian community and Ukrainian civic activists who gathered outside the Luhansk SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] on 2 June to pass on birthday wishes to Olaola Sunkami Femi | детальніше

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