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Tymoshenko trial: tweets included, not witness’ document

Yury Prodan, Deputy Minister of Energy in Tymoshenko’s trial gave testimony on Wednesday that was in Tymoshenko’s favour. The former Prime Minister’s application to have the document presented added to the file material was rejected as a photocopy with the Judge considering its origin to be unclearr | детальніше

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Lawyers’ Association rejects accusations against Tymoshenko’s lawyer

The Association of Lawyers of Ukraine does not agree with the resolution passed by the Pechersky District Court over supposed violation by bar lawyer Mykola Tytarenko of lawyers’ ethics and points out that any lawyer must be given time to read all the file material | детальніше

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International Republican Institute: Concerns over developments in Ukraine

Stephen B. Nix Director for Eurasia programs at IRI has told the relevant committee of the U.S. House of Representatives about deteriorating freedom in Ukraine highlighting the loss of media freedom, the threat to civil society and the prosecution of opposition leaders | детальніше

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Judge rejects Prosecutor’s request to arrest Tymoshenko

Judge Kireyev has just returned and rejected the application made this morning by Prosecutor Frolova to remand the former Prime Minister and present leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna Party in custody. Frolova had claimed that Yulia Tymoshenko was, through her actions, impeding the court from ascertaining the truth | детальніше

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Tymoshenko trial: Gryfon police officers use foul language and force to clear the court

Officers from the court police unit “Gryfon” drove out journalists and National Deputies from the Pechersky District Court courtroom where the trial is taking place of former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna Party, Yulia Tymoshenko | детальніше

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Strasbourg to consider case of Lviv human rights activist in priority order

Oleksy Verentsov and Ihor Tanichkevcyh were arrested on 14 October 2010 over their peaceful picket outside the Prosecutor’s Office in Lviv and sentenced to three days administrative arrest | детальніше

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Tweets Made Evidence In Tymoshenko Trial

Yes, Yulia tweets; regularly and often with great humor. And that does not sit well with the authorities, particularly young presiding judge Rodion Kireyev, who doesn’t seem to get much respect in his courtroom. Yesterday, he admitted Tymoshenko’s tweets as evidence in the case. The reason: inappropriate language with respect to the court | детальніше

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Court adds Tymoshenko’s notes on Twitter to the prosecution case

On Monday Judge Rodion Kireyev added material from the Twitter page of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to the criminal prosecution against her over the gas contracts with Russia at the beginning of 2009 | детальніше

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Tymoshenko to ask specialists whether the Judge explained what she’s charged with

Yulia Tymoshenko’s defence lawyers have announced that they plan to turn to Ukrainian specialized institutes, as well as international legal institutions for their opinion as to whether Judge Rodion Kireyev explained the essence of the charges against the former Prime Minister | детальніше

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Independent: Trial puts Tymoshenko back in the spotlight

The trial has seen both the court and the prosecutors accused of a host of procedural violations, provoking stern warnings from the European Commission and the US State Department that they are now monitoring proceedings carefully | детальніше

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Tymoshenko’s Lawyer: How do you formulate a crime that didn’t exist?

Mykola Siry asserts that the indictment in the “gas case” against the former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna Party has not provided the main element – the fact of a crime. He asserts that this is because the trial is about politics, not law | детальніше

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Freed Tax Code protester to appeal against police actions

Serhiy Kostakov spent more than 7 months remanded in custody. His repeated denial of the charges against him of damaging a car during the peaceful protest against the Tax Code in late November 2010 appears to be borne out by the police video of the impugned offence | детальніше

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Tymoshenko’s lawyers invite press to try the court’s deadline

The new lawyers, appointed after Judge Kireyev banned Serhiy Vlasenko from defending the former Prime Minister and leader of the opposition Batkivshchyna Party, have been given only three days to read around 5 thousand pages of material | детальніше

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Tymoshenko’s Lawyers plan to ask for the indictment to be read again

“We will be demanding that the indictment be read out again in the court since Yulia Tymoshenko had been ejected from the courtroom in violation of the norms of the Criminal Procedure Code.." | детальніше

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Lviv court convicts nationalist deputies over the events on 9 July

The court found two brothers, both deputies in the Sambir District Council from the right-wing Svoboda Party guilty of assaulting police officers during the events on 9 May. Serious allegations have been made as to who orchestrated the conflict that day, as well as regarding selective criminal investigations | детальніше

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Mr. President, Time to Stop Digging Yourself Into a Hole

David Kramer, President of Freedom House, Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President of the Atlantic Council, and Robert Nurick, a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council write that relentless prosecutions of Tymoshenko, other Yanukovych opponents lack credibility. | детальніше

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Prosecutor General seeks Landik’s extradition from Russia

This follows public outrage over video footage which seems to clearly show Roman Landik, son of a National Deputy [MP] from the Party of the Regions, himself a recently elected deputy of the Luhansk City Council, trying to chat up a girl and then beating her up when rebuffed | детальніше

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Prosecution: Tymoshenko signed “economically unfavourable and unacceptable” gas deals with Russia

“In this way Tymoshenko tried to create the image of an effective leader”, the indictment in the trial against the former Prime Minister and leader of the Batkivshchyna Party reads. The agreement in question was that which restored winter gas supplies to Europe | детальніше

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Judge refuses to reinstate live broadcast of Tymoshenko trial

Judge Rodion Kireyev also refused to allow photographs or video coverage. After banning Serhiy Vlasenko from acting as defence lawyer, he gave two new lawyers: Oleksandr Plakhotnyuk and Mykola Syry three days to familiarize themselves with the case | детальніше

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Civic activists demand real liability for Deputy’s son Landik

Cases where the sons of deputies, prosecutor’s and others in high places escape criminal liability in Ukraine are legion. The video footage showing Roman Landik, son of a Party of the Regions National Deputy trying to chat up a girl and then beating her badly when rebuffed did however elicit outrage | детальніше

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