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New criminal investigation against Tymoshenko

The latest “response” to statements of concern from Europe and the US, human rights organizations and the European Parliament over the present “gas trial” of the former Prime Minister, presidential candidate and leader of the main opposition party | детальніше

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Two former subordinates of Yulia Tymoshenko released pending trial

The former Head of the State Customs Service, Anatoly Makarenko and former Head of the Kyiv Regional Customs Office, Taras Shchepitko have been released from custody pending trial, but not Ihor Didenko who is facing the same charges | детальніше

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Tax Code protester still in custody 7 months on

The Human Rights Ombudsperson is sending a representative to the next hearing into the case of Serhiy Kostakov who is accused of damaging a car during the peaceful protest against the Tax Code in late November 2010. There are only police witnesses in this worrying case and a video which the defendant has not been allowed to see | детальніше

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Judge is in a hurry with Tymoshenko trial

The judge decided that one day was enough for the new lawyer to read through the case material. BYUT consider that such haste reflects the wish to convict the former Prime Minister as quickly as possible. | детальніше

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Polish Ambassador: Prosecuting opposition politicians can lead to bad habits

In an interview the Ambassador spoke of "things which, from the point of view of many EU representatives seem dubious. For example, we are concerned by the situation with prosecutions of opposition politicians. Such practice can lead to the bad habit that those who lose the elections end up in prison" | детальніше

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While Lutsenko criticized the court, his property was being frozen

A part of the property of both former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko has been frozen. The same day at the latest court hearing, Yury Lutsenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of political persecution of the opposition | детальніше

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Ukrainians ever more negative about observance of their rights

The main source of violation of rights and freedoms this year: in the Razumkov Centre’s traditional survey was President Yanukovych. Those who most contribute to violations or impede exercise of rights were seen to be National Deputies (MPs); the Police; the President and the courts. | детальніше

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Immunity has a Human Face

The case of Yakov Strogan whose arrest following his public allegations of torture by police officers is of enormous significance because of the lesson it is clearly trying to give others, and the very dangerous conclusions which will be drawn by certain police officers if justice does not prevail | детальніше

Переглядів 2206

US State Department: On the Prosecution of Ukrainian Opposition Leaders

“The US reiterates its concern about the appearance of politically-motivated prosecutions of opposition figures in Ukraine. When the senior leadership of an opposition party is the focus of prosecutions, out of proportion with other political figures, this creates the appearance of a political motive” | детальніше

Переглядів 2008

European Commission Ambassador calls conditions of Tymoshenko trial inhuman

Jose Manuel Pintu Teisheira who was present at the first day of Tymoshenko’s trial stressed that the EU was following the trial very closely especially since it involves gas accords which resolved the conflict in the winter of 2009 which halted gas supplies to Europe | детальніше

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BBC: Tymoshenko on trial in Kiev for abuse of power

The US and the EU have condemned the charges against Mrs Tymoshenko and some of her allies as selective prosecution of political opponents. If convicted, Mrs Tymoshenko would be out of contention for parliamentary elections due in October 2012 | детальніше

Переглядів 2091

Constitutional Court says President may dissolve courts

The Constitutional Court also declared constitutional a number of other provisions of this law, as well as provisions of the Law on the Higher Council of Justice. The latter’s constitutionality had been disputed by 54 National Deputies | детальніше

Переглядів 790

High Council of Justice’s extended powers upheld

On Tuesday the Constitutional Court issued a judgement upholding all powers held by the High Council of Justice on dismissing judges. None of the items of the submission from the Supreme Court was allowed. | детальніше

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Tax Code Protester, Serhiy Kostakov has spent longer in custody than if convicted

The latest court hearing has again been postponed to 11 July. Serhiy Kostakov has been held on remand since 1 December 2010 charged with damaging a car during the peaceful protest against the Tax Code | детальніше

Переглядів 1540

Human Rights Ombudsperson also calls for Tax Code Protester’s release

The Ombudsperson, Nina Karpachova has appealed to the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv asking that it chooses a form of preventive measure other than remand in custody against Serhiy Kostakov, one of the participants in the demonstrations against the Tax Code in late November last year | детальніше

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Former Minister under Tymoshenko, Valery Ivashchenko goes on hunger strike

Forrme Acting Minister of Defence in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government, Valery Ivashchenko has begun an indefinite hunger strike in protest at his continued remand in custody. His case, like others, has led to accusations of selective prosecutions under the present regime | детальніше

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Yury Lutsenko’s trial continues

The new hearing presided over by Judge Serhiy Vovk whom Lutsenko has twice sought to have removed refused to allow MP H. Moskal to be defence counsel and turned down the former Minister of Internal Affairs and opposition party leader’s latest application to be released from custody | детальніше

Переглядів 778

Kharkiv Court: Police not obliged to respond to calls for help

On 24 May this year the Kharkiv District Administrative Court rejected a claim filed against the unlawful actions and inaction by the police during the protest in Gorky Park in Kharkiv from late May to early June 2010 | детальніше

Переглядів 2004

Prosecutor General not forthcoming over Lutsenko Judge criminal investigation

According to National Deputy, Hennady Moskal the Prosecutor General’s Office has not responded to a number of letters asking from information about the alleged criminal investigation initiated against the judge who is presently examining the case against Yury Lutsenko and whom Lutsenko has twice sought to have withdrawn | детальніше

Переглядів 776

Tax Code protester has been in custody for seven months

Serhiy Kostakov is accused of having damaged a car during the peaceful protest against the Tax Code in late November 2010O. The proof for such an offence is widely considered to be questionable, while the grounds for his remand in custody are quite unfathomable | детальніше

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