Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Criminal proceedings – from repressive norms to European standards

Ukrainian investigators, courts and the prosecutor’s office work according to a Criminal Procedure Code from 1961. Created to serve the needs of a Soviet repressive system, encumbered by a huge number of later amendments, the Code is making court proceedings more difficult and creating conditions for rights violations | детальніше

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Interview with Anna Yudkivska, newly-elected European Court of Human Rights Judge

On 27 April 2010 Anna Yudkivska was elected judge to the European Court of Human Rights with respect to Ukraine. The news was warmly welcomed by Ukraine’s civic society. The following is from an interview by a member of the “Maidan” Alliance | детальніше

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Supreme Court reboot on Shabelnik Case

In another case involving a European Court judgment finding testimony to have been obtained in breach of Mr Shabelnik’s rights, the Supreme Court has this time rejected calls to simply remove questionable evidence and has called for a re-examination | детальніше

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Warmest congratulations to Anna Yudkivska, newly elected European Court Judge!

This is excellent news for Ukraine and we join all those who know and value Anna Yudkivska as a wonderful lawyer and human rights defender in wishing her well in her new position as judge to the European Court of Human Rights with respect to Ukraine | детальніше

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Human Rights in Ukraine: Chronic Ills and New Challenges

Results of a study carried out by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation as part of their “Ukrainian Democratic Barometer” project both of public perception regarding their rights and of human rights organizations’ assessment of the situation in 2009 | детальніше

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Intrigue remains yet there is a choice

The three-year saga over the election of a Judge to the European Court of Human Rights from Ukraine is finally drawing to a close | детальніше

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PACE to decide on European Court Judge from Ukraine

The relevant committee must now decide between politician Serhiy Holovaty, bar lawyer Anna Yudkivska and lawyer Stanislav Shevchuk | детальніше

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Stavniychuk: Venice Commission recommends reviewing the division of power in Ukraine

The Venice Commission’s recommendations involve a total rethinking by Ukrainian constitutionalists of the principle of the division of power, the relations between the President, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power | детальніше

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Victor Yanukovych rejects predecessor’s projects

President Yanukovych has issued decrees dissolving a number of commissions and advisory bodies working under the Secretariat of his predecessor, Viktor Yushchenko, including the National Commission for the Strengthening of Democracy and Affirmation of the Rule of Law | детальніше

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The three-ring circus approach to governing might be funny if one didn’t consider the enormous costs of a judicial system that is rotten to its core. As a consequence, murderers roam the streets, billions of taxpayers’ dollars get stolen with impunity by officials and all hope for social justice gets lost in a nation of 46 million people | детальніше

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Draft law on increased liability for non-enforcement of court rulings

The amendments propose using fines, dismissals of officials and bans on them occupying the relevant position for a certain time in cases where those in authority are found to have flouting court orders | детальніше

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Penchuk’s sentence for extortion revoked

The Supreme Court has revoked the sentence of 6 years imprisonment against former Director of the Donetsk shopping complex “Bely Lebed” [“White Swan”], and later co-author of a book entitled “Donetsk mafia” for extortion. The case continues to give a number of reasons for concern. | детальніше

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On non-enforcement of court rulings

In our “law-based country” a person can quietly and with total impunity ignore the rulings of two courts. The judicial-legal system in our country is so “flexible” that it can bend under the wish of any, to put it mildly, swindler | детальніше

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Strasbourg issues opinion regarding the dispute over Ukraine’s Judge to the European Court

A Grand Chamber of 17 Judges of the European Court of Human Rights has concluded that a candidate list already submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe cannot be withdrawn and replaced with a new list after the deadline for submission | детальніше

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How human rights activists and demons gave the Supreme Court humanitarian aid

The organizers of the action hope that now, when copies of the European Convention on Human Rights have appeared in the highest judicial level in the country, that judges will remember the principle of justice | детальніше

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Ongoing lack of judge independence

Over the last 15 years Ukrainians’ level of confidence in judges has halved, while the independence of judges’ work has been under constant jeopardy. These are the conclusions of the latest annual monitoring report on the independence of judges in Ukraine | детальніше

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Demons to bestow humanitarian aid on the Supreme Court

Their aim in visiting Earth is to give judges a chance in 2010 to improve the situation regarding enforcement of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights | детальніше

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Strasbourg again finds violation by Ukraine of the right to a fair trial

The European Court of Human Rights found that interpretation of the law by the domestic courts had lacked consistency and prevented Vadim Matsyuk from challenging the refusal of the administrative authorities to pay compensation in connection with criminal proceedings | детальніше

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Criminal investigation against police involved in Trans-Dniester scandal

The investigation concerns the plight of three villagers from the Odessa region who were forced by police officers across the State border between Ukraine and Trans-Dniester where they were unlawfully arrested for a crime they did not commit. | детальніше

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Call for Ukrainian authorities to solve the problem of non-enforcement of domestic court decisions

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted a second Interim Resolution in response to a number of cases against Ukraine concerning the failure or serious delay in abiding by final domestic courts’ decisions delivered against the state | детальніше

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