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Family of victim of a miscarriage of justice will receive compensation

All argument is over regarding the compensation of 2 million UAH awarded to the family of Svitlana Zaitseva who died of tuberculosis contracted while serving a sentence for a crime she did not commit | детальніше

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Mediation is better

The Ministry of Justice has announced plans to introduce a mediation procedure to be applied when examining criminal, civil and economic court cases | детальніше

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From human tragedy to cheap farce

When the previous sentences were quashed by the Supreme Court, and the prime evidence is a collection of hundred dollar notes with different serial numbers from those recorded at the time, the question marks rise out to hit one | детальніше

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Corruption in the Ukrainian judiciary: public assessment

According to the results of the “Hidna Ukraina” project, 59% in western regions of Ukraine believe corruption in the judiciary is extremely widespread. This view is held by 64% of those surveyed in eastern regions; 66% in central and 67% in southern regions | детальніше

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On restoring Ukrainians’ confidence in the judiciary

The Council of Europe says it is ready to help Ukraine reform the present judicial system and raise the level of public confidence in judges which is very low due to bribe-taking and political pressure | детальніше

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Council of Europe also concerned that Ukraine’s judiciary is free from political interference

Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammerberg stresses the need to ensure that all aspects of the judiciary, including the Constitutional Court, at totally separated from politics | детальніше

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So what does the European Court of Human Rights mean for Ukraine?

Ukrainians turn to Strasbourg because domestic courts all too often let them down. They seek justice at the European Court because Ukrainian politicians erode confidence in their own justice system. It is surely therefore not surprising that so many Ukrainians have emphatically registered their opposition to Serhiy Holovaty, or any other Ukrainian politician, becoming Judge of this most important court. | детальніше

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Appeal to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

With no disrespect to Serhiy Holovaty, Ukrainian civic organizations believe that the further development of a law-based and human rights oriented society in Ukraine can best be facilitated by choosing a candidate for European Court of Human Rights Judge from Ukraine who is NOT directly involved in politics | детальніше

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Criminal liability for non-enforcement of court rulings is nonsense

KHPG legal expert Arkady Bushchenko calls the new legislative initiative an attempt to transfer the problem from the patient to a healthy person. There are laws, they need to be made to work. | детальніше

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Ukraine’s new European Court Judge – politician, public official or lawyer?

Human rights organizations have long warned that the divide between different branches of power in the country is becoming increasingly blurred. The degree to which all aspects of Ukrainian life, and most worryingly, the judiciary, have become politicized is undermining Ukraine’s development as a law-based society. | детальніше

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On interpreting statistics

According to the Minister of Justice, the number of low income Ukrainians needing free legal aid has decreased. And not just a little. Human rights groups would respectfully suggest an alternative interpretation for the statistics cited | детальніше

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No compensation for 8 months remanded in a SIZO?

The Donetsk Court of Appeal has allowed the Prosecutor to not pay lawyer Serhiy Salov 2 million UAH for 8 months in a SIZO [pre-trial detention centre]. This revoked the ruling by the Voroshilovsky District Court in Donetsk which had order the Prosecutor to pay this amount in compensation for moral damages over the unwarranted detention in custody | детальніше

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Another reminder from Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Ukraine to pay 62-year-old Georgy Lizanets from Mukachevo (the Transcarpathian region) 14 thousand Euros for violation of his right to a fair trial | детальніше

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Verkhovna Rada gets even with judge who went against Moroz

The judge who recently issued a ruling prohibiting the publication of the law on the Cabinet of Ministers (which the President had vetoed).has been dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada despite the Judge’s being on sick leave and having asked for the issue to be discussed in his presence | детальніше

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“Ukraine doesn’t have independent monitoring of the level of offences committed by judges

While in present conditions, the Verkhovna Rada’s consent to the arrest of a corrupt judge was by no means guaranteed, it is probably a drop in the ocean given the likely level of corruption within the Ukrainian judiciary | детальніше

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The Committee on Court Issues reviews draft law “On the Ukrainian judicial system”

The Committee members decided that some provisions of the draft law need to be included in the draft law on amendments to the Law “On the judiciary of Ukraine” (No. 2834) when preparing the latter for its second reading. | детальніше

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Guilty without guilt

The collapse of the law enforcement system in Ukraine.. Any individual can be unlawfully detained in a SIZO [remand centre] on the instructions of an employee of the prosecutor’s office without court order | детальніше

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European Court of Human Rights orders Ukraine to pay 11 Ukrainians over 12 thousand Euros for unreasonable length of proceedings in Ukrainian courts

This makes nine judgments against Ukraine since the beginning of the year. In 2002 1 judgment was issued by the European Court of Human Rights against Ukraine, in 2003 – 6, in 2004 – 13, in 2005 – 120 and in 2006 – 114. | детальніше

Переглядів 1047

Yevhen Zakharov: “The Ukrainian judicial system needs urgent reform”

The Supreme Court of Ukraine is overloaded with appeals against the rulings of local courts and cannot review them in the legally established time periods | детальніше

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The Law and court practice

The author uses cases he is aware of in Zachepylivka (Kharkiv region) to demonstrate why the courts are inundated with complaints from the public specifically over violations of their legitimate right to a fair trial | детальніше

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