Права Людини в Україні. Інформаційний портал Харківської правозахисної групи

Kuchma left, Kuchmism remained

It seems that the new President of Ukraine inherited the juridical service from the team of his predecessor, together with its legal nihilism. Yet, we hope that is it only an inadvertence of Viktor Yushchenko, but not his conscious position. | детальніше

Переглядів 1777

Ukraine continues paying out salary debts through the European court for human rights

Yesterday the European court for human rights pronounced verdicts on three cases against Ukraine unanimously recognizing the violation by the country of the right for fair trial and the right for free management of one’s property, as well as the absence of efficient national tools for protection of these rights in Ukraine. Besides, violation of the right for fair trial because of unreasonable term of trial was acknowledged in one case | детальніше

Переглядів 1587

Defense becomes more accessible

Starting from the next week advocates of the Kharkiv group for human rights protection will commence on granting free defense to the detained | детальніше

Переглядів 1470

Institution of criminal case against a member of «Pora!» in Chernigiv was illegal

On 26 November, after consideration of the appeal, the court cancelled the decision of an investigating officer on institution of criminal case against Oleksandr Lomaka, a member of the public campaign “Pora!”. O. Lomaka was detained on 20 October in Chernigiv for the illegal storage of explosives (part 1 of Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). | детальніше

Переглядів 1948

Ukraine fails to execute court decisions. Again.

Переглядів 1968

Commentaries to the draft of Criminal-Procedural Code of Ukraine presented for the second reading in the Supreme Rada

The authors of the article analyzed the draft and drew the conclusion that the Draft contradicted the Constitution and international obligations of Ukraine, in particular, in the parts that concern the penetration to dwelling, presumption of innocence, detention of the suspected, terms of their holding in custody before the official accusation, during the pre-trial investigation and trial. | детальніше

Переглядів 2292

Case of Lukyanenko is a disgrace for Ukraine!

Krasny Luch mayor S. Lukyanenko is persecuted for non-existing crimes. | детальніше

Переглядів 1654

Advantages and shortcomings of the court reform

Author’s meditations about some changes introduced into the Civil-Procedural Code more than a year ago. | детальніше

Переглядів 2486

Frightful stories from the present day Kyiv GULAG

Переглядів 2567

Appeal to advocates of the Dnepropetrovsk oblast

Переглядів 1684

Cop on duty as an interpreter of the Constitution

Переглядів 1638

Is it justice?

Переглядів 2080
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