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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

An arrested Lviv citizen may die

Zoriana Ilenko, Lviv
Sergey Galchik from Lviv, who took part in the events of 9 March and then was arrested, may die in the dungeons of the USS. This was made public by his farther Volodymir Galchik, who has recently had a meeting with his son in the USS preliminary prison of Kyiv. As the farther noted, Sergey was several times examined in the hospital, because his duodenal ulcer inflamed.

By the way, the farther informed that, according to his son, he had been at first detained for three days by militia, and when this term expired, they even intended to release him. Yet, a conflict happened. When the boy had been detained, his jacket was taken, and when he was released from the precinct, he demanded to return his jacket. They mildly advised him to scram. But Sergey, instead of following the wise advice began to demand an advocate. Instead of giving him an advocate, they gave him a berth in a cell in the USS prison. By today, the farther said, Sergey was transferred to a solitary cell according to his own wish.

Meanwhile in Lviv UNA-UNSO members continue the termless picketing of the USS building, since Kyivan authorities prolonged the captivity term of UNA-UNSO members for a fortnight. So, the term of incarceration for them has reached almost three months. As Ostap Kozak, the head of the UNA-UNSO Lviv organization, informed that they have no new demands. They did not formulate any new demands, when Oleksandr Ivanchenko, the deputy head of the Lviv oblast USS, came to negotiate with them. They plan to use only one new form of the protest – to go on a hunger-strike on 15 May. Representatives of the recently created Committee of protecting political prisoners, headed by Stepan Khmara, intends to support the event.

The weekly ‘Postup’, No. 70 (728), 10-16 May

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