A general offended a priest.

On 22 August at 9 a.m. a convoy car sent by general Illichev arrived at the monastery of Paisiy Velichkovskiy (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchy) in Sevastopol. The convoy got the order from the city militia head to immediately bring archimandrite Paisiy to the city precinct. Having not received any explanations from the militiamen, Father Paisiy refused to go, but he was forced to go to Illichev’s headquarters.

Having come to the place of destination, Farther Paisiy was taken to general Illichev’s office.

On entering the office Farther Paisiy congratulated the general with the 10 thanniversary of the independence of Ukraine. In response, the general used a chain of obscenities in the language of the foreign country, which is a perpetual enemy of the independence of Ukraine. The general sense of the speech was the advice to Farther Paisiy to scram from Sevastopol to Kyiv or to the Volyn, since: ‘Sevastopol is and was the city of Russian glory, and we shall not stand you and your Filaret dancing here! No Ukrainian dregs will ever survive here! This must be understood by you!’

‘He followed this instruction with another burst of bad language concerning me and Blessed Patriarch of Ukraine Filaret’, told Farther Paisiy. Being unable to stand such behavior, Farther Paisiy left general Illichev’s office, promising that he, by all means, will inform the authorities about the behavior of a state officer on the eve of the Independence Day.

Although, it natural to ask: to which state does general serve? Hardly to that, which celebrates now its independence.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchy appeals to all national organizations of Ukraine, to everybody, who considers himself a Ukrainian, to protect the Ukrainian church and the population of Sevastopol. We indignantly inform that after yen years of independence Ukrainians are forced to fight in order to survive in the Ukrainian city Sevastopol on the Ukrainian terrain.

The information is authorized by the signature of Father Paisiy
Information issued by the press service of the Patriarchy representation office of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchy in Sevastopol

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