war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Retort of mankind shall be dignified and moral

Viktor Dzereviago, Kharkov
The author criticizes quick and thoughtless retaliation of the USA and offers simple and efficient measures to stop using civil aviation planes as guided bombs.
The world shuddered... This banal description of the state of human souls after the tragic events of 11 September in super-cities New York and Washington of the super-country is nonetheless correct. Yet, such a state may not serve as a justification of reflex retaliation. Yet, it demands a thorough analysis of the new conditions and inventing adequate retorts to the challenge thrown to the society, which traditionally regards itself as civilized and democratic.

Feeling condolence to the innocent victims, the American society must remember that most of its advantages it procured owing to basing its development on the principles of the Christian morals. Contrariwise, if politicians neglected these principles (for example, during the war in Vietnam), the advance of the society braked or even terminated. May be I somewhat idealize the American democracy, but, in my profound conviction, every time, when a consecutive rise occurred, it was forestalled by a thorough analysis by the society of its ‘behavior’, followed by the correction to the side of the common sense and morality. It happened after the assassination of Martin Luter King, after the Watergate scandal, etc. One can only envy this feature of the American society. I want to believe that this time this feature will again be demonstrated fully. However, for the time being the actions develop according to another script.

Revenge and haughtiness are not Christian merits. Yet, American politicians just appeal to these features of the public. They hurriedly plan retaliation, when the actual criminals are not found, and nobody can say what is the ‘international terrorism’, against which they appeal to unite. Who knows, what dominate in this fever: the old-testament ‘eye for eye’ or the pinched pride (some insolent dwarves dared to show that even giants cannot feel themselves absolutely safe). Anyway, there appeared the organizers of the ‘anti-terrorist block’ for the unconditional support of ANY revenge actions of the USA against ANYBODY, whom they have a whim to consider guilty! Here one cannot find either common sense or Christian moral. This is very dangerous for the further lot of the world: they try to force us into a ‘war of civilizations’, the ‘opposition of Christianity and Islam’... One gets an impression that some politicians dream about Armageddon and passionately try to start it! Russian political analysts ‘ruminate’ on the inefficiency of the UNO in the struggle with the international terrorism and on the need to replace this respected organization with either the ‘Big eight’ or with some other extraordinary organization. This is an attempt at the freedom and democracy in the entire world, and not on the side of Islam fundamentalists!

Let us analyze coolly, if it is justified to begin the ‘anti-terrorist’ feverish campaign giving ‘carte blanche’ to the aggrieved side? Let us think if the planned ‘revenge actions’ will be capable to nullify the probability of other similar tragedies either in the USA or in any other county?

On 11 September life for the umpteenth time vividly showed that mankind, in its scientific and technological progress, reached the level, where the potential of a separate individual or a small group of people become comparable with the potential of state structures, especially in bringing harm to people. The price of a mere error, as well as the activities of a criminal or sick mind, even of an individual, becomes too high. The consequences of accidental (Chernobyl, Bhopal) or purposeful (poison admixed to medicinal drugs by a worker of a pharmaceutical factory) man-caused catastrophes are not less impressive than using atomic weapons. This is well known both to mentally unhinged people and to potential terrorists. That is why no forceful means exist even if all the United Nations will join the ‘anti-terrorist alliance’. At the same time there appears a prospect of the construction, under anti-terrorist slogans, of such a new Weltordnung that will horrify everyone. President Bush already declared that every state must decide on which side it is: on the side of the USA or on the side of the terrorists. Tertium non datur! If to recall that several days ago the countries, which ‘hide or train terrorists’, were called as objects of the retaliation, we see that the world community is blackmailed to force them to unite against those, at whom ‘uncle Sam’ will point. Today the enemies are the long-suffering Afghanistan and, ‘possibly, Iran and Iraq’. Not bad at all! And who will be tomorrow? Some other ‘accomplice’? Maybe even Ukraine, whose security services were already forced to refute the information by foreign ‘well-wishers’ about the alleged existence of Islamic training centers in Kyiv and Kharkov?

Envious prospects, indeed! We must either become uncritical supporters of the USA in their still fuzzy, and maybe unjust, ‘revenge actions’, thus risking to become victims of the revenge of the US adversaries, or to stay under the treat of being beaten for ‘assistance to terrorists’!

Meanwhile, to get rid of the rascals, who use civil aviation planes as weapons for terrorist attacks, is possible using quite other method, the method, which is quiet, cheap and absolutely reliable. To this end any penetration from the passenger compartment to the cockpit must be made impossible, and any intercom communication between the passenger compartment and the cockpit must be carried out through ground stations. And that will be all! Then terrorist would be unable either to master the control of the plane or to put the moral pressure upon the crew. Then it will become impossible to use a plane as a guided bomb. It will be sufficient for the start. And then it will be not needed to demonstrate the muscles, to coercively divide the world into hostile camps, to bombard actual or imagined ‘terrorist centers’, thus giving birth to new waves of grief, hate and revenge.

Meanwhile, it is worth to unite the healthy intellectual forces of humanity for determining the most vulnerable points of civilization, where a lonely criminal or maniac can inflict a catastrophic harm. It is necessary to develop the similar standards and safety measures for defending such points. It would be useful to study in all details the very phenomenon of terrorism: individual, state, international, together with the causes of its appearance. I am sure that the public study of the latter question will enable mankind to become better. That will be a dignified, moral and efficient response to this challenge. All the rest is from the Evil One.

22 September 2001

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