Protests against erection of Stalin’s monument in Sevastopol

Roman Romanov, Sevastopol

On 25 September the session of the Sevastopol city council will be opened. The question about the erection of Stalin’s monument in Sevastopol will be discussed at this session. About 7.5 thousand signatures supporting the erection was collected by the initiative of communist and veterans organizations of the city. The main argument of the initiative group is: ‘Stalin restored the city’. Local mass media started the information campaign, from which it can be concluded that Stalin played a positive role in the destiny of Sevastopol and the entire Soviet Union.

The city council commission in charge of culture, science, sport, religious and youth recommended including this question into the agenda of the city council session.

The Sevastopol human rights protection group plans to organize pickets on the day of the sitting, thus protesting against including this question into the agenda.

We ask our colleagues from other regions of Ukraine to join us and to send protest letters to the following addresses:

Председателю Севастопольского городского Совета господину Василию Пархоменко

ул. Ленина 3
Fax: (380 — 692) 540 353

Председателю Севастопольской городской государственной администрации господину Леониду Жунько
ул.Ленина 2
Fax: (380 — 692) 544 961

We also ask to direct copies of the letters to the Sevastopol human rights protection group: а/я 180, г. Севастополь, 99038; e-mail: [email protected],

phone/fax (0692) 460 175

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