war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Do not open the door to militia!

All began when a militiaman was beating someone. A woman summoned militia to stop the fight. The militiamen switched to beat the innocent woman, while the summoned militiamen contemplated this scene not without interest.
On 28 October about 6 p.m. an operator of the Severodonetsk trolley directorate (let us call her Larisa) was cruelly beaten in the presence of the gallant Severodonetsk militiamen. The act was done a militiaman, who came to out town from Kremennaya, the spectators were our native so-called ’law-enforcers’.

We have never observed such one-hundred-per-cent pure cynicism!

Larisa worked at the ’Ozerny’ station in the second shift. Perhaps, she could not imagine, WHAT would happen to her. She could not imagine that to be an involved and brave person is dangerous for health, bot moral and physical. On 28 October she convinced herself on her own bitter experience while trying to stop a brawl of two young men, who were fighting near the dispatcher’s office. One of the fighters, who was somewhat more broad-shouldered than his opponent, waved with handcuffs so swiftly that he could splinter the pane of the office. Larisa went out of the office, fearlessly trying to bring to reason the conflicting sides, threatening to summon militia. In response the knight with the handcuffs produced a long chain of obscenities with the general sense that he himself was a militiaman.

Possibly, such self-assured and insolent behavior of the cop could intimidate someone, who wanted to call militia. But not out lady. She locked herself in the office and without hesitation dialed 㤊’ (militia phone number. – Translator’s note) and asked to come as soon as possible. While she was phoning, the brawl stopped: the cop’s opponent ran away. The winner, having lost his victim, began to brake into the office, waving his ID and swearing.

The militia came ’soon’, 24 minutes after Larisa’s call. It would be better for Larisa, if they did not come at all. She opened the door and… the first, who rushed in was the fighter-cop. He jumped at the woman and began to beat her against the wall. Larisa fell down, colliding with metal stairs, the fighter fell on top. The woman’s boned crackled, everything went dark before her eyes. The Severodonetsk militiamen observed the scene and did not try to save the woman from the hands of the bandit with a militiaman’s ID, who ran amok. Larisa cried asking to call another militia patrol. Perhaps, even then she continued to believe in people, whose calling was to guard public order and protect citizens. One more patrol car came. They took the fighter-cop to their car. But their prisoner, drunk and bloodthirsty, jumped out and again rushed to the dispatcher’s office to finish his victim. He took Larisa by the hair and hit her against the windowsill. Somehow he did not kill her. All this happened in the presence of two militia patrols!

According to A. Brynza, the head of the trolley directorate, the letter was sent to commander of the town militia I. Shovikov, where the accident (to be exact, an assault with local militia as spectators) was described. It means that the militia commander had to learn about the crime five days ago.

It is still unknown what was done with the militiaman from Kremennaya. Was he detained? Has he got the accusation? The crime is as evident as bruises on Larisa’s face and body. As to the moral damage, can you fancy what a young frail woman feels being beaten by a brute of a man in the presence of militiamen quietly observing this scene? Mr. Shovikov, have you imagined this hell at least once during the passed days?

’Severodinetski Visti’, 2 November 2001
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