war crimes in Ukraine

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Most convicts in Ukraine are not socially dangerous

13.12.2002    source: UNIAN
The reason is that incarceration as a punishment for a crime is often applied without adequate reasons, reckons Igor Andrushko, the deputy head of the State penitentiary department of Kyiv and the Kyiv oblast. He remarked that in 60% of cases punishment is much graver than the committed crime. At the same time, Mr. Andrushko told, during the incarceration people, as a rule, submit psychological changes, and, because of this, they have difficulties in the adaptation at large. According to his words, the psychological groups that prepare convicts for the life after the release now work in the penitentiary department. In particular, six months before the release the incarcerated undergo some special training, where they are taught how to find a job, how to obtain the necessary documents and some other ’pity tricks’, without which it is difficult to survive on the other side of the bars. Those, who have no relatives and friends outside, Andrushko said, have more difficulties to set up or restore social ties. These people are directed to the militia stations, where they had committed the crime, and the militia has the duty to assist them in the social adaptation and to control the process.
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