war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Advocates of Boris Feldman handed an appeal

Andrey Fedur, the advocate of former vice-president of the bank „Slaviankiy“ B. Feldman, appealed against the decision of the Artemovsk court of Lugansk. The court condemned Feldman to nine years of incarceration with confiscation of the property and without the right to hold top administrative posts. As A. Fedur informed on Thursday, the appeal against this court decision was handed to the Appeal court of the Lugansk oblast. In this documents the advocates state that „they regard the decision of the local court as illegal“ and that „the case of the bank „Slaviankiy“ must be closed“. According to the advocate, he did not manage to got in the Artemovsk court the case materials for preparing the appeal. „The judge officially refused to give me the materials, and the law envisages only 15 days for preparing the appeal, so I had to write it having no documents concerning the case“, Mr. Fedur told. He also informed that, since the judges did not grant to the advocates the case materials, the latter also handed the complaint about violating the right for defense to the prosecutor’s office of the Lugansk oblast. The advocate especially stressed: „Since the appeal was handed, the verdict of the Artemovsk court did not come into effect, thus Feldman cannot be considered guilty of any crime“.

On the session of the Artemovsk court Feldman was acknowledged guilty in two episodes of the criminal case: in misappropriation of 7.4 million UAH and in dodging taxes on the sum of more than 1 million UAH.

The criminal case against the administration of the bank „Slavianskiy“ (7 persons) was started by the investigation department of state tax militia in January 2000. They were blamed for especially serious theft of property on the total sum of 11 million UAH, misuse of power that led to the material damage equal to 335 million UAH, dodging taxes on the sum more than 5 million UAH and forgery.
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