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Murders, explosions and kidnappings are common in modern Odessa

Igor Stoliarov, Odessa
After the murder of Evhen Zadorozhny, a security service colonel, Sergey Masagarov, one of his deputies, who retired from the service, disappeared when he was getting into his own car. It happened three weeks ago. Two weeks ago a businessman nearly perished from an explosion in the Primorskiy district of the city. In the Kyivskiy district of Odessa Mr. Budiakov, an executive of the firm „Sintez Oil“, was murdered with three shots.

Judge Igor Tkachuk considered the case connected with the events in the Odessa sea trade port. On the eve of the beginning of the consideration of this resonant case he perished. He knew too many scandalous facts.

Igor Tkachuk was found at his villa near Odessa. The official was handcuffed and hanged.

Some law-enforcers tried to present Tkachuk’s death as a suicide, asserting that „there may be no reference to a violent death“. Yet, the oblast prosecutor’s office started the criminal case after the article „premeditated murder“.

MP Yuri Karmazin is sure that Igor Tkachuk had no grounds for the suicide. „I have reasons to connect this uncovered murder with the murder of Boris Bikhrov, the head of the oblast arbitrary court, who was replace on the following day. Odessa is alarmed with this criminal situation“.

Igor Tkachuk, a Ph.D., the chief of a department in the institute of business and law, an honest judge, was deeply respected in Odessa. He had a wonderful family and was a sincere believer. He loved life and had many plans. In 1994 he worked as an assistant of an MP and was a deputy of the oblast rada. Before 1994 he headed the commission in charge of legality in the Odessa city council.

Law-enforcing organs began to investigate the reasons of Tkachuk’s death in a somewhat strange way. The place of the crime was examined very negligently. More than a hundred of people trampled the place that was not properly guarded. A dog was brought only after three or four hours.

The judge’s car was found opened at the place of the crime. His cell and city phones were switched off, although he himself never did so.

Yuri Karmazin told that „when the actual privatization of arbitration and appeal courts of Odessa began, Igor Tkachuk expressed his critical opinion. He was the most disciplined judge. The criminals imitated his suicide very clumsily“.

Mr. Karmazin reminded that on 5 August the fist anniversary after journalist Boris Derevyanko perished in Odessa will be marked. „The man, who did not kill him, was made responsible for the crime. Those, who ordered the murder, are not punished until now. The public prosecutor, who told that the actual murderers were not punished, committed a suicide…

The crimes that recently occurred in Odessa testify that the privatization of courts in Odessa walks knee-deep in blood. This process shall be stopped. Nobody in Odessa believes in the suspicious suicide of Igor Tkachuk“
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