Editor of the center "Dialog" perished in Zaporozhye.

On 15 March some strangers committed the street attack at Vladimir Noskov, a member of the General Presidium of the East-European human rights protecting Center of family and personality „Dialog“, the head of the Zaporozhye city Center for rendering aid to the victims of the destructive cults, editor of the informational agency „SABIS“. V. Noskov was beaten to death.

Before this Vladimir, as well as Pavel Broyde, the President of the Ukrainian organization of „Dialog“, vice-president Igor Siniuk and other representatives of the Center, more than once was threatened by the totalitarian sects. So, the sacrifice of dogs with the features of Satanist cult was committed in the doorway of Noskov’s house. The threats were written with blood on the walls. Maybe this time the opponents of the Center „Dialog“ passed from the threats to actions.

The personnel of the Center believes that the attack may be connected with Vladimir’s role in the trial against the Zaporozhye totalitarian sect „Independent Landed Church of Jesus Christ of the Christians of the evangelic faith“. This trial was won last December by the Center „Dialog“. According to some data, Yuri Torubalko, the leader of the sect, who is directly connected with Sendey Adeladzha, the head of the sect „God’s Embassy“, is preparing now to a new process against „Dialog“, and the liquidation of Vladimir Noskov, one of the most competent specialists on sects, might be useful for them.

There is another plausible version concerning the connection of the attack with another trial – against the „pastor“ of the Melitopol sect „Word of Life“, whose case is now considered in the Zhovtnevy district court of Zaporozhye. Besides, there is a version that this crime is connected with the analytical investigation conducted now by the Center about one of the most dangerous militarized totalitarian sects of Ukraine that even managed to penetrate to Zaporozhye schools in spite of the obviously criminal character of its activities.

On the whole, any totalitarian sect might be the potential initiator of the attack, since the delivery „News of the world of totalitarian sects“ edited by V. Noskov endangers the interests of all destructive sects. The delivery informs more than 500 mass media about the actual activities of the sects.

„Certainly, we cannot unambiguously exclude the accidental attack“, said Pavel Broyde, the executive manager of the Center „Dialog“ and the President of its Ukrainian organization. „But we think that this is improbable. In any case we hope that law-enforcing organs will find the guilty and punish them. If this would not happen, then we would obtain justice by our own means. Our supreme duty is to protect people. And if somebody wanted to impede our activities in such way, then this was a certainly unreasonable step, and we have the possibilities to explain this to the organizers of the crime in the from understandable to them“, informs the site referring to the press service of the Center „Dialog“.

The material was sent by Volodymir Yavorskiy,

the Association of the network TV and radio broadcasters of Ukraine
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