Who is responsible for recruiting ill youths to army?

Maya Kriukova, Kharkov
In February the bulletin “Prava ludyny” published the report about the results of monitoring of the quality of the spring recruiting campaign – 2002.

The report was sent to E. Kushnariov, the head of the Kharkov oblast state administration, and to the military commissar of the Kharkov oblast.

After the examination of the results of our monitoring governor Kushnariov created the commission consisting of the corresponding specialists. The commission was headed by the deputy of the head physician of the oblast hospital. Besides, it included medical doctors and members of the oblast military commissariat. The commission had to consider all cases of the 18 dismissed youths mentioned in the report of the Kharkov oblast union of soldiers’ mothers (KOUSM). Unfortunately, the workers of the KOUSM, who dealt with this problem, had no opportunity to take part in the work of the commission. So, the letters were sent to the oblast administration, to the oblast health directorate and oblast military commissariat with the conclusions of the medical expert of the KOUSM on every of the boys, who were dismissed during the first six months of their service (Article 107 of Order No. 2 of the Ministry of Defense of 1994).

From the talk with the oblast military commissar we learned that the commissariat has the data only on 8 dismissed boys. By the way, the names do not coincide with names in the list of the KOUSM.

The KOUSM turned to the oblast military commissariat and to the Directorate of health protection of the Kharkov oblast with the request to find up the reasons of this discrepancy. The names do not coincide, as it was said above; does it mean that the number of such soldiers is 26? It is very interesting, how the corresponding structures would explain the situation?

The response of the Directorate of health protection may be regarded as unprofessional formal reply. As to the response of the military commissariat, the KOUSM did not obtain it yet, which is a direct violation of Article 16 of the Law “On citizens’ appeals”.

The editorial board of “Prava ludyny” turned to the corresponding structures with the requests. In next issues we will inform you about the development of the events.
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