The number of journalists’ complaints to the ombudsperson increased

Ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva told at the seminar for the regional mass media that the number of the complaints connected with the violations of human rights handed by journalists, state workers and advocates increased during several last years. She also remarked that in the beginning of her work she had not received the complaints from these categories of citizens at all.

She also informed that during 2002 she mainly received the complaints from penitentiaries and the complaints concerning the actions of the officers of regional militia, the decisions of appeal courts and prosecutor’s offices.

According to N. Karpacheva’s words, during 5 years of her work she got 12 thousand complaints against beating, torture and violence. All in all, she received more than 290 thousand complaints of Ukrainian citizens and apartides.

Ms. Karpacheva believes that the continuous increase of the number of such complaints may be explained both by the growth of knowledge of citizens about the ombudsperson’s work and by the fact that violations of human rights in Ukraine become more and more frequent.

Lenni Montiel, the main councilor of the Program of the UNO development in Ukraine, Robert Brinkly, the Great Britain Ambassador, and Oka Peterson, the Sweden Ambassador, also spoke at the seminar. All speakers welcomed the existence of the institute of ombudsperson in Ukraine and expressed their personal gratitude to Nina Karpacheva for her contribution to the development of democracy and human rights protection in Ukraine.

N. Karpacheva also got the highest award of the Union of journalists of Ukraine – all-Ukrainian Ivan Franko prize – for the support of the representatives of mass media and the persistent protection of journalists from the illegal restriction of their rights and freedoms. The prize was presented by Igor Lubchenko, the head of the Union of journalists of Ukraine.
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