Ukraine occupies the fourth place by the number of the appeals to the European Court.

Only Turkey, Russia and Poland are ahead of Ukraine.

These data were presented by Lucius Kaflish, a judge of the European Court on human rights, a professor of the jus gentium of the Institute of international relations in Geneva. The professor took part in the Odessa seminar “Judges of the 21 stcentury”, informs “Obozrevatel” referring to Deutsche Welle.

According to the words of Lucius Kaflish, the citizens complain more often against the illegal detention, retardation of court considerations, decisions on property conflicts.

Ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva pointed out in her report that about 7 thousands of citizens turned to the European Court during recent five years.

At the same time, only 10 of all complaints handed by Ukrainian citizens in 1996 were recognized by the European Court as admissible, and factual decisions were issued only on two complaints.

In May the European Court on human rights issued six decisions against Ukraine in the connection with the conditions of the upkeep of the prisoners condemned to the capital punishment. According to the Court verdict, Ukraine must pay the compensations equal to 2-3 thousand euro to these citizens.

Lucius Kaflish asserts that the procedure of handing complaints to the European Court on human rights is very simple. It is one of the reasons of the great number of complaints: now 34 thousand of complaints are waiting for consideration.

Every day the European Court receives about 900 letters and more than 250 international phone calls.

Lucius Kaflish expressed anxiety about the tendency of the growth of the number of complaints in the current year – about 40% more than in the past year.

Volodymir Yavorskiy
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“Prava ludyny” commentary:According to the official data of the European Court, Ukraine occupies the 7 th, not the 4 th, place by the number of the appeals to the European Court among 45 members of the Council of Europe. We believe that the small number of positively solved cases may be explained by the amateurism of Ukrainian advocates and misunderstanding by the majority of the complainers of the juridical authorities of the European Court.
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