war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Goncharov’s relatives will demand to punish the guilty of his death

The mother of Igor Goncharov, reckons that the investigating officers are guilty of the death of her son. The advocates are now compiling the necessary documents and are resolved to turn to the European Court.

Elen Ozhegova, the mother of Igor Goncharov, reckons that the law-enforcing officers, who conducted the investigation of the case of “turnskins”, are guilty of the death of her son. “They murdered my son, cruelly and purposefully, and did not conceal this even from me, his mother”, Ozegova told. “At first, during two weeks they were brutally beating Igor, they did not give him food and water. He got to the intensive care ward with multiple injuries of the internal organs, he underwent three very complicated operations. For several months he stayed in the hospital in the grave condition. After this he, in spite of the insistence of doctors, was transferred not to the prison hospital, but to the preliminary prison. Here he was feed with the prison food, although, according to medical recommendations, he had to get the dietetic nourishment and proper medical treatment. And when Igor fainted during the interrogations, the law-enforcers said that he was a malingerer. As a result, he got to the hospital of urgent aid again. I am asking myself all the time: what for? He even was not recognized as guilty: the court had not been conducted yet. If the law-enforcers had the proofs of his guilt, then why they were murdering him during the investigation?”

Elen Ozhegova tells that Sergey Hamula, the deputy head (pretending then on the post of the head) of the Kyiv Directorate for fighting the organized crime (DFOC), took the most active part in the many-month sadistic murder of her son. After the publication of the information about the beatings of Goncharov Hamula was ”hidden” in the main directorate of the DFOC: he got the post of the head of the PR department of the city directorate. The cynicism of Oleg Garnik, who was the investigating officer in this case, was also stunning: “Your son is absolutely healthy”. Some time ago a representative of “UK”, who published the information about the sadist Hamula, put the question to the head of the city militia directorate: what was the lot of Sergiy Hamula in the connection with this case. And got the answer: “We know nothing about this”. The reaction of the deputy of the General Prosecutor, who controlled the activities of special squads, was the same.

After Goncharov’s death the sadists from the DFOC continued to torment his mother. When the militiamen visited the morgue, they even did not conceal their satisfaction from Elen Ozhegova, who was present there. According to “UK” information, on the same day the members of the investigation group arranged the noisy celebration of the victory.

Medics of the Kyiv city hospital of urgent aid demonstrated their best qualities in this situation. Regardless of the resistance of the DFOC officers and the investigator, they secretly passed to Goncharov the food parcels from his mother.

We turned to Evhen K., a doctor-anesthetist of the higher category, who was invited by advocates for the control of the treatment. He said: “More than once I talked with the doctor in charge of the case, read the case history and came to a conclusion that the quality of the treatment was very high. The attitude of the medics (in particular V. Kushin, the head of the reanimation-neuro-surgical ward) to Goncharov was not only highly professional, but also very humane. They did everything they could. Yet, the cardiac arrests occurred one after another. I am sure: the death of Goncharov could not be provoked artificially. The fact of the matter is that his organism was extremely weak. This weakness was caused by the first beating that resulted in multiple traumas and ruptures of the internal organs, three surgical operations, as well as the absence of the proper medical care in the preliminary prison”.

Advocate Viktor Boyarov declared that the relatives of Igor Goncharov were going to strive for punishment of the guilty of his murder. The advocates are now compiling the necessary documents and, since they do not believe in the Ukrainian justice, are firmly resolved to turn to the European Court, where not only several law-enforcers, but the Ukrainian state would be brought to responsibility for Igor Goncharov’s death. Viktor Boyarov reckons that the probability to win the case in the European Court is almost 100%.

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