The round table “You must know your rights” in Lutsk


On 29 July 2003 the round table was held in the framework of the project “You must know your rights”. Representatives of human rights protecting organizations and state agencies, to which citizens turn with their requests and appeals, as well as the journalists of Volyn mass media took part in the round table.

This action was conducted by the Volyn resource center and the public organizations “Volynski perprektivy” with the purpose of making public the results of the monitoring of the publications about the violations of human rights. The monitoring was carried out by Volyn mass media in 2002-beginning of 2003. Besides, the Volyn resource center presented the informational leaflets published after the results of the monitoring. These leaflets concern the most urgent questions, with which the citizens turned to the human rights protecting public organizations of the Volyn oblast.

The list of the topics of the appeals includes 21 items. The most frequent topics are: job placement (174 publications), social protection of the jobless and the dole (163), remuneration of labor (152), rights and freedoms of citizens, who are engaged in private farming (147), etc. Ruslana Stasiuk, the project manager, stated that this research was extremely necessary for the comprehension of actual situation with the elucidation by mass media of the violations of human rights. The monitoring showed that 208 materials on the violations of human rights were published in the editions of the Volyn oblast during the inspected period. The obtained data confirm that this topic is not too popular in mass media.

On the one hand, mass media write about the ineffectiveness and imperfection of laws, and on the other hand – about the dependence of the press on the local authorities. In particular, the local journalists described the facts of interference of the representatives of state agencies to their work. In fact, the number of violations is much greater, but journalists not always have the opportunity to elucidate these violations.

Representatives of state agencies described the main problems, with which the people turned to the organs of state power, in particular, the questions connected with the work of housing and communal services, rendering the financial aid, returning the savings of citizens from bank accounts, imperfect judicial legislation (illegitimate court verdicts), violations of land and labor legislation, etc.

During the round table, after the consideration of the results of the monitoring, the participants elaborated the following propositions:

  To inform journalists about their rights and the mechanisms of the protection of these rights.

  To create the public coalition for permanent monitoring of the problems of human rights protection.

  To conduct the monitoring of the reaction of power structures to the appeals of citizens.

  To publish the informational leaflets on the problem of returning the savings of citizens.

The Volyn resource center

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