Struggle for the domain .ua continues: “Hotmaster” appealed against the decision of the Kyiv economic court

15.12.2003 |

The company “Hotmaster”, Ltd. appealed against the decision of the Kyiv economic court, which, in the beginning of October, had rejected the claim of the company against the Cabinet of Ministers with the demand to acknowledge as invalid the governmental Decree “On administration of the domain .UA”. This information was communicated by Boris Mostovoy, the head of “Hotmaster”. According to him, “Hotmaster” handed the appeal to the Kyiv appeal court. On the basis of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers (No. 447-p, of 22 July 2003) “On administration of the domain .UA”, the government sustained the proposition of the State committee of communication and informatization about the creation of the association of enterprises “Ukrainian network informational center” for the purpose of management of the address space of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, maintenance and administration of the system register and the domain names of the in the domain .UA. In particular, the State committee of communication, jointly with the participants of the Internet market and the interested central organs of state power, got the errand to realize the organizational measures for the creation and registration of such association, as well as to guarantee the membership in the association of the enterprises, which were subordinated to them.

The company “Hotmaster” handed the claim to the Kyiv economic court in the end of July 2003. The claim states that the above-mentioned Edict groundlessly deprived “Hotmaster” of the right to administer the domain, and that is a violation of the Ukrainian legislation. The claim also reads that the operating laws of Ukraine do not contain any regulations on such kind of entrepreneurial activities as the administration of the domain .UA.

Since 1992 the administration of the address space of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet is realized by physical persons Dmytro Kokhmaniuk and Igor Sviridov. The company “Hotmaster” carries out the technical maintenance.

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