The first victory of democracy

15.12.2003 |

On 6 November Sergey Tarutin, a judge of the Vasylkivskiy district court, was dismissed from his post by order of Valentin Sholokh, the head of this court. S. Tarutin became notorious after his scandalous verdict on the faked case of human rights protection activist Leonid Kovalchuk.

After the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, owing to the activity of opposition MPs, did not approve the appointment of Tarutin as a life judge, two Presidential orders were issued about his dismissal (on 10 July and 22 September 2003), but Tarutin refused to execute the orders.

Yet, the success has been achieved at last.

For the time present it is the first essential victory of democracy in the struggle for unbiased and independent justice.

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