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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Round table for discussing the problems of passport system in Ukraine was held in the Committee in charge of human rights, national minorities and interethnic relations


On 21 October Gennadiy Udovenko, the Head of the Committee, announced that the Committee was discussing the problems connected with the reform of the passport system. On 16 December 2002 the round table on the questions of the reform of registration system was held in the committee with the support of the OSCE Bureau of Democratic Institutes and Human Rights, and on 31 March 2002 the round table «Legislative settlement of the questions of the freedom of movement and free choice of the place of residence» was conducted with the support of the same organization. The increase of interest in these problems is caused, first of all, by the intensification of the legislative activities in this sphere. The progressive solution of this problem is one of the decisive factors of the development of democratic civil society in Ukraine and the provision of citizens’ rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

The head of the committee pointed out that the Committee was continuing the work in this direction. One of the additional stimuli for the consideration of the question of reforming the passport system at the «round table» was the elaboration by the Committee of the draft of the law on the introduction of changes to some laws on Ukraine concerning the improvement of the guarantees of citizens’ right for the freedom of movement (author of the draft – MP D. Zhvzniya). The majority of the Committee members endorsed the conception of this draft. At the same time, the members made a number of propositions both of organizational and conceptual character. In particular, the MPs expressed their anxiety about the exchange of passports envisaged by the law draft.

G. Udovenko pointed out that, organizing the round table and the discussion of the reform of the passport system, they wanted to promote the development of the proper legislative base on guaranteeing the constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens in conformity with the principles of democratic law-abiding state and universally recognized international standards.

O. Perov, the manager of the State department in charge of the questions of citizenship, immigration and registration of physical persons, delivered the report about the constitutional rights of citizens for the freedom of movement and for the free choice of the place of residence, as well as about bringing the legal norms of Ukraine into accord with the international standards.

G. Udovenko dwelled on some key questions of legislative regulation of the problems of the passport system in Ukraine. In particular, he stated that, during the consideration of the main goals of the introduction of registration of physical persons, it would be necessary to attend to the following demands to the basic draft:

-  complete agreement with the Ukrainian Constitution and other laws;

-  concordance with the international legal mechanisms concerning this sphere;

-  creation of the mechanism for the protection of the right of physical persons for the freedom of movement and for the free choice of the place of residence;

-  guaranteed use of personal data only in the interests of human rights protection and the protection of national security;

-  creation of the automatized system of personal registration of physical persons;

-  monitoring and prognostication of the demographic situation in the state;

-  maximal simplification of the procedure of issuing the documents that identify physical persons and confirm the Ukrainian citizenship;

-  providing the guaranteed services to citizens at the places of their registration.

The participants of the round table discussed many actual problems concerning the passport system in Ukraine. Taking into account the constitutional right of citizens for the freedom of movement and for the free choice of the place of residence, the participants emphasized that a number of legislative, organizational and practical measures were realized in Ukraine in the sphere of citizenship, migration and the development of the corresponding state institutions for guaranteeing the permanent juridical relations between the state and citizens for the fulfillment of mutual rights and duties.

In the concluding remarks Head of the Committee G. Udovenko said that the presented information would be extremely useful for the further work on the problems of reforming the passport system in Ukraine and the questions connected with these problems.

MPs, representatives of the Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, ministries and agencies, as well as representatives of the international organizations accredited in Ukraine, took part in the round table.

Secretariat of the Council of Ukrainian human rights protecting organizations 

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