war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Ukrainian network of business information LIGABusinessInform conducted the poll


Up to 28 October 250 persons took part in the poll. Two questions were put to the users of the network:

Did you come across the illegal detention of physical persons by militiamen?

46,6% of the respondents answered that they were detained;

46,6% answered that their relatives or acquaintances were detained;

3,2% knew only about the facts of legal detentions;

12,4% did not come across.

What was the result of the illegal detention?

19,2% answered that they were released without any problems;

40,4% were released for some money;

19,2% were released after some beating;

4,0% were condemned to the administrative fine;

3,2% were condemned to the administrative arrest;

0,0% were condemned to the reforming works;

12,4% were not detained.

Some of the respondents answered the question «For what you were detained (according to what Article)?»

The following Articles were mentioned in the responses: 172 of the Administrative Code (violation of the rules of using the measuring equipment), 173 of the AC (petty hooliganism), 178 of the AC (taking alcoholic drinks in public places and appearance in public places in a state of alcoholic intoxication), 185 of the AC (malicious resistance to the legal orders or the demands of a militiaman, a member of public squad for protecting the public order or a serviceman), 342 part 3 of the Criminal Code (resistance to a representative of law-enforcing organs, a member of public squad for protecting the public order and state frontier, or a serviceman).

Other responses: suspicion of a theft, souteneurism (by mistake), storage of narcotic drugs; suspicion of committing an offence, laughter in a street, «for the illegal transportation of an extruder», «for nothing», «I do not know».

Several respondents told about their detentions in details. In what follows we will quote some of these stories.

«I was detained since I allegedly looked like a man, who swindled the wife of an MP (now an official of the President’s Administration). As a result I was condemned to the administrative arrest for the resistance to militiamen, which, naturally, was a lie».

«The detention was carried out in a morning in my flat by a detective and his deputy, who referred to the all-Ukrainian criminal investigation department. During the arrest they checked only my name, second name and surname. I spent the whole day in a cell for especially dangerous criminals. Later it became known that there existed another man with the same name, second name and surname, and of the same age. Yet, he was a Konotop dweller, and he had neither a sister nor a brother. The militiamen even did not have the photo and fingerprints of the wanted criminal. Moreover, all this story began from the robbery in Konotop, when this man was detained red-handed, and all local militia knew him «personally»!!!»

We are curious, whether the results of the poll will be passed to the authors of the governmental program of the creation of positive image of Ukrainian militia in the Ukrainian society? It should be also taken into account that, as a rule, the participants of the Internet polls are the people, who occupy not the lowest places in our society.

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