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"Ukrainian Internet community" invites for cooperation in the questions of administering the domain .UA


Press release, 15 May 2003

The all-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Internet community" (UIC,, in the accordance with the decision of the executive council of 2 April, invited for the work in the Opened Public supervision council in charge of the questions of administering the domain .UA the state agencies, the activities of which are connected with the development of the Internet in Ukraine. The invitations were sent to the Supreme Rada of Ukraine (for the Head of the profile committee), the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Committee in charge of the questions of regulatory politics and business, the State Committee of communication and informatization of Ukraine, the State Committee in charge of the questions of technical regulation and consumer politics, the State Department of intellectual property and the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine.

The UIC expressed the protest in the connection with the publication on 13 May on the official site of the President of Ukraine ( of the public letter by K. Siniavskiy, the former head of the board of directors of the Association of the participants of the Ukrainian Internet market ( In particular, this letter states: “It is inadmissible situation… when one private structure and one public organization "Ukrainian Internet community" try to obtain the full control over the all-national telecommunication resource – the domain of highest level .UA without taking into account the interests of other organizations”. The UIC turns the attention of all interested persons to the fact that the multilateral agreement on the creation of the Opened Public supervision council in charge of the questions of administering the domain .UA was signed on 30 January 2003 not only by the UIC, but also by the greatest union of Internet providers – the Internet Association of Ukraine ( and the operating administrator of the domain. This will guarantee the consistency and logicality of the reforming process. This agreement has the open character, and the UIC is sure that other public organizations, associations of enterprises and state agencies, which are interested in the steady development of the Internet in Ukraine, will join the agreement soon.

The UIC denounces the attempts of certain interested persons to create the impression that the process of administering the domain .UA is non-legitimate and non-transparent. The domain is a public resource and it must be controlled by public. The UIC is ready to cooperate with any state and non-state organizations. The process of the creation of the efficient and transparent system of public control is going according to the plan, and nobody can stop it.


The all-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Internet community" was founded on 15 March 2002 by the initiative congress, it was registered on 16 July 2002 by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (certificate No. 1812). The organization has 17 regional branches in the oblasts of Ukraine and in Kyiv.

The goal of the public organization "Ukrainian Internet community", which is stipulated in its statute, is the promotion of the development of the Ukrainian constituent of the worldwide network Internet as one of the methods of forming the civil society in Ukraine, and the promotion of technological, business and intellectual progress in Ukraine. The UIC believes that the evolution of the Internet in Ukraine is an important factor for the development of freedom and democracy, market economy and informational society, it is an essential step towards the integration of Ukraine into the world community. The more detailed information you may found in the Internet:

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