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Kyiv independent media trade union initiates the discussion of the criteria of obtaining press-cards


This decision was taken at the sitting of the committee of the trade union. The media trade union informed that the committee had several opinions about the criteria of obtaining press-cards. In particular, one part of the committee believes that the membership in the trade union must be the only criteria. Other members of the committee believe that to get such card a member of the trade union must practice journalism professionally.

The UNIAN informs that Kyiv independent media trade union (KIMTU) develops the procedure of giving special IDs (press cards) to independent journalists. These cards will confirm the professional status of the journalists. The press-cards will be used for the accreditation in the organs of state power.

The KIMTU pointed out that the independent journalists, who have no editorial IDs, have the problems with accreditation, as well as the workers of Internet-editions, who are not regarded as subjects of legislation on mass media.

The members of the trade union committee explained that the legislation envisages, in particular, the accreditation of a journalist in the presence of the documents confirming his professional status or by the recommendation of a professional union of journalists.

Thus, the KIMTU is going to propose to the workers of Internet-editions and independent journalists to obtain the press-card of the trade union, which would confirm their personality, status of journalist and meet the requirements of operating laws and press-services of power organs. Such card would be considered as recommendation of journalists’ union and confirm the professional specialization of its owner. The procedure of issuing the press-cards and the list of the documents needed for getting the cards is now developed.

The trade union is also going to agree with proper state organs the form and procedure of giving the press-cards to independent journalists, as well as the procedure of permanent or temporary accreditation.

The Poltava oblast media-club. Electronic bulletin
"The freedom of speech. The Poltava oblast”, No. 23, 30 April 2003

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