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Editor-in-chief of “Yuridichna gazeta” turned to the prosecutor’s office


Svetlana Maksimova, the editor-in-chief of “Yuridichna gazeta” (“The juridical newspaper”), turned to the prosecutor’s office of the Pecherskiy district of Kyiv with the claim about the institution of the criminal case after Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (impeding the professional activities of journalists). In her claim the journalist informed that on 23 July she underwent the impediment to her professional activities on the side of representatives of the defendant in the civil case started after the claim of citizen Beregovoy against Kyiv city council. According to Ms. Maksimova, the physical and psychological pressure was exerted upon her: the offenders tried to stop her, to take away her camera-recorder, etc. The IMI sent the request to the prosecutor’s office and took this case under its control.

24 July 2003, Institute of mass information, «Barometr svobody slova», July 2003

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