war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

The squad of “informational killers”


Andrey Karafka:

The squad of “informational killers” was created with the support of President Kuchma. This information was given by MP Mykola Tomenko, the head of the parliamentary committee in charge of the freedom of speech and information.

M. Tomenko paid attention to the Internet-edition “Tyzhden”. The MP states that the edition publishes the ordered materials exceeding the limits of journalist ethics, which materials flay not only the opposition, but also pro-President politicians, who conflict with the SDPU (u).

Tomenko reckons that one may ignore this “trash dump” (the number of visitors of the site is very little), but it is indicated on the site that it was designed and developed by the structure “YPA Internet”. The matter is, Tomenko points out, that the official web site of the President of Ukraine was created by the same structure.

Besides, the head of the committee mentions the telecast of the First National channel, which is devoted to press roundup. “The peculiar feature of this telecast is that almost a half of messages refer not to, for instance, informational agency “Ukrinform” or some competent editions, but to the site “Tyzhden””, remarks M. Tomenko. According to his words, the analysis of the style of the materials published on the site “Tyzhden” allows to claim that the false letters of Viktor Yushchenko were also compiled by the “writers” of this site.

“This absolutely marginal site developed by the structure, which also made the official site of the President, becomes an official informational agency of the power”, summed up the MP.

( , 25 September 2003)

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