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Attacks on journalists in Donetsk: the opinion of militia


Three attacks on representatives of mass media in Donetsk are not connected with their professional activities, stated Oleksandr Ivashchuk, the acting head of the Donetsk city militia directorate, at a briefing.

“Kontekst” communicates that, according to Ivashchuk’s words, one man was arrested in the connection with the attack on Eduard Malinovskiy. The investigation of the crime is finished and the case is passed to court.

“As to two other incidents, the ODA for the detention of the suspected were realized simultaneously in two towns of the oblast. As a result, two dwellers of Artemovsk were detained, who had attacked Sergiy Kuzin. The term of detention of one of them was prolonged to 10 days, since there was the information about his connection with other crimes”, said Oleksandr Ivashchuk.

Oleksandr Kucheriavy, the head of the investigation department, informed that the attack had been committed by three persons, and the law-enforcers were searching for the third criminal.

According to Kucheriavy, material evidences were seized from the detained: the stool legs, with which the journalist had been beaten, charger and cover of the cell phone, which had been stolen from the victim (the criminals threw the phone away). The both detained gave evidence.

Besides, the investigation group arrested the suspected of the attack on Vasyl Vasiutin: a dweller of Avdeevka born in 1985. Yet, the journalist insists that he was attacked by two men. Now the law-enforcers are checking this fact. The cell phone taken from Vasiutin by the criminals was seized from the detained.

As we informed before, three journalists were attacked in Donetsk in August 2003: Eduard Malinovskiy, Sergiy Kuzin and Vasyl Vasiutin. Two investigation groups disclosed these crimes in a month. The investigation of the cases on the attacks on representatives of mass media was personally controlled by Vladimir Malyshev, the head of the militia directorate of the Donetsk oblast. The groups were rewarded for the successful investigation of these crimes.

(ForUm, 25 September 2003)

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