war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Association of mass media workers. The appeal on the violation of the norms of diplomatic etiquette by the US Ambassador in Ukraine, spreading of dirty insinuations and fanning of anti-American moods


We have accustomed already that some representatives of diplomatic corps of Western countries are not ashamed of the double standards in the assessment of similar phenomena, which are regarded as progress in their countries and as crime in our country! Yet, some statements of US Ambassador John Herbst at his first press conference conducted on 18 September in Kyiv not only surpassed the bounds of usual cynical and insolent accusations, but also exceeded the generally accepted limits of human, not to mention the diplomatic, norms.

John Herbst repeated the statements of his predecessor about the “temniks”, which, by the way, had been inspired by the latter. However, he told nothing about the bombardments of civil buildings of TV and radio stations in Iraq and Yugoslavia, as well as about the recent introduction of total censorship for American and foreign journalists in the USA and in the zone of military conflict in Iraq, about the regular beatings of correspondents, about the groundless murder by Americans of the Ukrainian and Spanish journalists in Beirut and about the cynical refusal to conduct at least formal investigation of this crime…

The newly appointed “messiah” with the USA diplomatic passport demonstrated his contempt for the fundamental democratic principles and to our people; he demagogically appealed to struggle for the freedom of speech and human rights everywhere except his native country.

The Association of mass media workers of Ukraine officially turns to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with the demand to lodge the protest against the violation of diplomatic norms by Ambassador John Herbst and to reject his credentials, since the Ambassador fans the anti-American moods in Ukraine with his ambiguous and provocative statements.

For the umpteenth time we, Ukrainian journalists, appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protect the national interests, rights and dignity of Ukrainian citizens. The new Minister of Foreign Affairs must immediately confirm the demand of the government about the unbiased investigation by Washington of the murder of Ukrainian citizen Taras Protsiuk, a cameraman of the agency “Reuter”.

We appeal to all Ukrainian patriots, independently of their political views, to take part in the protest actions in front of the USA Embassy. We will protest against boorish and insolent behavior of some American diplomats on the territory of our sovereign state, the diplomats, who try to sow the seeds of discord between our peoples and to impede the rapprochement of Ukraine and the USA.

(«Dosye», No. 41, 2 October 2003)

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