Statistics of Ukrainian censorship


According to the data of the Institute of mass information, from 1996 to 2002 the indirect censorship in Ukraine was most often practiced by the following state agencies:  tax organs (14 cases), prosecutor’s offices (15 cases), local administrations (20 cases), militia (21 cases) and organs of judicial power (22 cases).

Sometimes the inadequate actions concerning the freedom of speech were realized by such allegedly apolitical institutions as state publishing houses and fire inspection.

The overwhelming majority of the cases of physical pressure, attacks, intimidation and murders were committed by “strangers”.

In the end of 2002 the experts of the Council of Europe stated that the licensing of the activities of mass media “is not sufficiently transparent”, and that the National council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting “has not the sufficient guarantees for independent activities”.

According to the data of the Fund of the protection of glasnost, 70% of the claims on the protection of honor and dignity are obviously lacking in conscientiousness and are directed, first of all, for the suppression of the freedom of speech. On the basis of these data ombudsperson Nina Karpacheva declared that the main principle of the court practice concerning the mass media was the protection of reputation of some persons, but not the protection of the freedom of speech and opinions, and that this principle contradicted the European practices.

(«Demokratichna Ukraina», No. 34, 6 May 2003)

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