war crimes in Ukraine

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Militia of Zakarpatska oblast violates laws, reckon the representatives of the profile Parliamentary committee

Our informant
The events in Mukachevo that took place in the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 became the object of consideration at the sitting of the Supreme Rada Committee in charge of the legislative provision of law-enforcement activities.

We want to remind that then the officers of the special militia squads «Sokil» and «Berkut» did not admit the people’s deputies of Ukraine and deputies of the Mukachevo town council to the building of town administration. The law-enforcers even applied physical force against the deputies. After this scandalous incident the people’s deputies turned to the Mukachevo prosecutor’s office with the demand to start the criminal case against the militia officers. However, the town prosecutor’s office refused to institute the criminal case «because of the absence of corpus delicti».

In the beginning of February 2004 the Committee considered the results of the check, received from the General Prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, and resolved that, in the connection with the partiality of the assessment of the actions of the militiamen, the corresponding organs had to conduct the repeated check and inform the committee about the results.

So, at the last sitting the Committee considered the response of the General Prosecutor’s office, which read that the decision about the refusal to start the criminal case against the militiamen had been taken untimely, without the check of the arguments of the people’s deputies on the impediment to the fulfillment of their work.

The Ministry of Interior of Ukraine communicated that, by the order of the head of the militia directorate of the Zakarpatska oblast, seven officers of militia were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

The committee in charge of the legislative provision of law-enforcement activities decided to conduct the next sitting concerning this case in March 2004 after obtaining of the results of the additional check of the actions of militiamen by the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vartsaba, the head of the militia directorate of the Zakarpatska oblast, threats the people’s deputies and the former administration of Mukachevo with the institution of criminal cases against them.

Well, one information is given to Kyiv, and the events in the town are absolutely different. And this is quite comprehensible. The capital is far away, and the office of Ivan Rizak, the head of the oblast state administration and the leader of social democrats of the Zakarpatska oblast, is very close…

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