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Claim against the newspaper «Vecherniy Lugansk» costs 5350 hryvnas

Galina Snegirevska, «Politichna Ukraina»

S. Snagovskiy, a deputy of the Lugansk town council, turned to court with the claim on the protection of honor and dignity against the newspaper «Vecherniy Lugansk». The deputy values his moral sufferings, caused by the publication of the materials about his conflict with neighbors, at 5350 hryvnas.

«Vecherniy Lugansk» informed in the last issue that during the past week the editorial board got the writ «packed with grammatical and stylistic errors, as well as with obvious nonsenses». For instance, the indignant deputy demanded from court to take away the license of the Ministry of the Press from the company «Vecherniy Lugansk»…

The publication, which became the reason of the claim, told how Sergiy Snagovskiy, a deputy of the Lugansk town council, head of a deputies’ fraction and one of the leaders of «The Union of medics and teachers for available education», bought two adjacent flats on the top floor of a house and began the reconstruction of these flats. Yet, he reconstructed not only the flats, but also the landing, where two solid walls with iron doors were built. Thus, the dwellers of the neighboring flat were isolated from stairs and could get home only by elevator, which, by the way, not always functioned.

The entire issue, in which this story had been described, was bought wholesale and did not get to retailers. So, the newspaper printed this article again in the next issue.

The talk with Snagovskiy’ advocate in court is planned to be conducted on the next Monday. So, «…to be continued».

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