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After the recalculation pensions of 71.9% of pensioners of the Kharkov oblast increased for less than 10 hryvnas

09.07.2004    source: Informational agency «Kontekst-media»

This information was rendered to the informational agency «Kontekst-media» by the Main directorate of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in the Kharkov oblast.

All in all, after the mass recalculation of pensions in the Kharkov oblast, which was completed in December 2003, the pensions of 723 thousand pensioners out of 795.5 thousand were increased. The pensions of 72.5 thousand citizens will be recalculated after 1 January 2004, since they are connected with special Laws of Ukraine: «On science and scientific-technical activities», «On state service», «On prosecutor’s office», etc.

By the data of the Pension Fund, pensions of 427.7 thousand oblast dwellers were increased on the basis of the Law of Ukraine «On general state pension insurance»; the pensions of 341 thousand pensioners increased for 4.2% in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1783 of 20 November 2003.

On 1 January 2004 10.3% of pensioners of the Kharkov oblast got the pension less than 100 hryvnas, 16.8% -- from 100 to 149.9 hryvnas, 52.7% -- from 150 to 199.9 hryvnas, 11% -- from 200 to 249.9 hryvnas and 9.2% -- from 250 to 4000 hryvnas.

26 February 2004

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