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Evhen Sverstiuk: Letter to editorial board of the bulletin “Prava ludyny”

09.09.2005    source:

Dear editorial board!

I want to thank you for the special issue of “Prava ludyny” in memory of Genrikh Altunian. To prolong his existence in our world, even by a kind word, is quite natural wish, the same as to prolong a summer.

Once I was naively surprised, when Genrikh said that his cadence in the Supreme Council was coming to the end. “How? Who then will represent Kharkiv? Who else can occupy the place of such person, to whom everybody trusts?” “Not everybody”, smiled Altunian, “They have their own people…”

Really, they have… Yet, Genrikh Altunian was indispensable because of his character. Honest thinking and decency were so organic for him that it was reflected on his face. The life is somewhat uncertain and uncomfortable without such people.

If to speak about the social confidence, on which all institutions are based, it is impossible to do without Genrikh Altunian: such people create the positive foundation of every construction and of every society. However, the cold water of Styx is washing out our bank, the bank on which our world of opposition to negative inhumane forces has been created. Thank God, this bank has been fortified by persons, whose image cannot be destroyed even by the waters of eternity. Let us believe that the real values will exist forever, dominating over the chimeras, which will disappear without leaving a trace. And this will be a buttress for those, who will continue the way upward.

I want to express condolence to all relatives and associates of Genrikh Altunian.

Evhen Sverstiuk

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