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Russian communications operators will, from the beginning of 2006, have to provide the FSB with information on their clients

12.10.2005    source:
The Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Fradkov, has approved "Regulations of cooperation" between communication operators and authorized State bodies involved in investigative operations.
Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Fradkov has approved "Regulations of cooperation" between communication operators and authorized State bodies involved in investigative operations. “Rosbalt” received this information from the Department of official information.

In particular, in accordance with the document, the organs of the FSB (Federal Security Service) will receive, around the clock,  information on clients of communication operators.

According to these Regulations: “A communication operator must update on a timely basis the information on the databases on the clients of the operator and the communication services rendered by the operator. The mentioned information must be stored by the communication operator for 3 years and be rendered to the organs of federal security service or, in some cases, to the organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by means of twenty-four-hour remote access to the databases".

The document also specifies that “the databases must contain the following information on the clients of communication operator: surname, name and second name, place of residence and entries of the basic document identifying the person (for client-citizen) or name (name of the firm) of the legal entity, place of its location and the list of persons, who use the terminal equipment of the legal entity, attested by an authorized representative of the legal entity and containing their surnames, names, second names, places of residence and entries of the basic documents identifying the persons (for a legal entity client); the information on payments for the rendered communication services, on connections, traffic and payments of the clients”.

The Rules will come into force on 1 January 2006. The Ministry of informational technologies and communication of the Russian Federation must, by this date, present to the government the drafts of normative-legal acts on issues concerning the information on the clients of the networks of communication operators.

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