war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.



Informational office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine, foundation “Protection of Children’s Rights", Kharkiv Group for Human Rights Protection, International Society for Human Rights - Ukrainian section, L’viv Laboratory for Human Rights and for the Rights of a Citizen of SRI of the State Construction and Local Government of the ARS of Ukraine, Kharkiv Municipal Association "Educational Center for Human Rights" with assistance of representative office of European commission in Ukraine, center of information and documentation of the NATO in Ukraine, OSCE - the projects coordinator in Ukraine, celebrating the tenth anniversaryof Ukrainian membership in the Council of Europe announce the seventh international competition of pupils’ and students’ works on human rights

Dear friends! We invite you, pupils of 9-11 grades of general educational schools, high schools, Lyceums, colleges, vocational schools and students of institutions of higher education of Ukraine, to participate in the Seventh International competition of pupils’ and students’ works on human rights. Pupils and students of Beylorus’, Moldavia and Russia are also invited. 


We expect to receive your work (in form of an essay) on one of the given below subjects:

1. Rights of children and the youth – what were the achievements and losses for the last years in my country? 

2. Is it necessary to limit rights of a person and separate groups of citizens for the sake of public needs? How is it to achieve coordination of personal, group and public interests?

3. Protection of which human rights I think is the most essential?

4. International bill on human rights, European convention and European court on human rights... How can I use these documents for protection of my rights?

5. People’s rights for life without wars and acts of terrorism.

6. Violence in society: sources and forms. What in your opinion are the real procedures for violence reduction?

7. Terrorism on a global scope and problems of human rights observance: how is it to struggle with terrorism and to reduce its level?

8. Ukraine - 10 years at the Council of Europe: achievements, problems, prospects in observance of human rights.

9. Observance state of human rights and integration prospects of my country. Are we making our way towards the European Union?

10. My attitude to the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine. Relations Ukraine – the NATO. What is it necessary to do for maintaining of high standards in the field of human rights?

11. Any subject which meets the general direction of the Competition.

The general requirements

The work should meet the Competition’s theme and should be stated in the form of a composition-essay that is in a free form to show the competitor’s personal attitude and his thoughts concerning one of the offered subjects. The work should be printed or written in legible handwriting (for choice: in Ukrainian, Russian or English). Volume of work - up to 8000 printed characters, taking into account interword space (5-6 pages of printed text with 1,5 intervals). The work must consist of a title page and actually the text of a composition-essay itself. On the title page it is necessary to specify: your initials, address, contact phone; the full official name of an educational institution, that you study in, rate (faculty, department), address of the educational institution; initials of the consultant (specify, in case you had any consultations while writing the work), his place of work, consultant’s post, status, scientific degree if there are any. On the first page, before the text of the composition-essay, it is necessary to specify the selected subject. Since works will be considered "under the working code", it is not recommended: to place the text of the work on any side of the title page; to indicate in the text of the work any data which specify the author or his consultant or educational institution.

Participation in Competition 

For participation in the Competition you should send at the latest December 15th, 2005 the filled Application of a participant of Competition which guarantees getting of the special literature. If you do not send the Application in due time, this won’t be an obstacle for participation in the Competition. The competitive work should be sent till January 25th, 2006.


Rewarding of the finalists and the winners

Participants, who will reach the finals of the Competition (as a rule, 20 pupils and 10 students) will be invited to take part in the Solemn conference devoted to the close of the Competition, and awarded valuable prizes. Surnames of the Competition winners (as a rule, three persons) will be announced during the Conference. They will receive awards, which by tradition of the First - the Sixth Competitions can be as the grants for education, or as a trip to the Central offices of the main international organizations (Council of Europe - Strasbourg, the NATO - Brussels etc.). Centre of information and documentation of the NATO in Ukraine announces a special prize for the best work written on subject 7 and 10. The final list of prizes for the winners will be defined after Competition’s summary.

Competition applications and works are to be sent to address

Ukraine, 01196, 1,Lesja Ukrainka sq., p.o. box 34 with a note "To competition"

or by e-mail  [email protected]

Phone / fax of organizing Committee: (044) 286 38 76 


Working code (to be filled by Orgcommittee)___



of a participant of the VII International competition

on pupils’ and students’ works on human rights


For participation in the Competition pupils of 9-11 grades of general educational schools, high schools,

Lyceums, colleges, vocational schools and students of institutions of higher education of Ukraine,

and also pupils and students of Beylorus’, Moldavia, Russia are invited.

1. Surname

2. First name

3. Second name

4. Date of birth

Home (or contact) address and phone numbers


4. Country

5. ZIP code

6. Region

7. Area (in countryside)

8. City /urban-type community/ settlement/ village

9. Street, house №, flat №

10. Home or contact phone / fax with code for trunk communication or mobile phone

11. е-mail:

Educational institution


12. Full official name of educational institution ***

13. Postal address of educational institution (country, zip code, region, area (in countryside), settlement, street, house №)

14. Grade / year (faculty, department)

15. Surname, first and second names of the consultant

(specify, in case you had any consultations)

16. Place of work/ position /status/ consultant’s academic degree

Addition information (to your discretion)





I need the following documents (tick off)[1] 

1. European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (EU) ÿ 2. Universal Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations ÿ  3. Convention on children’s rights (UNO) ÿ  4. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ÿ  5. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural ÿ  6. Documents, connected with NATO activities and cooperation Ukraine – NATO ÿ  7. Others (indicate) ___


Applications are to be sent to address

Ukraine, 01196, 1,Lesja Ukrainka sq., p.o. box 34


Tear off here (is left at а competitor)  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ 

[1] In case there is availability of the Internet access, so you can find the documents (items 1 - 5), in particular, at the web-site: in section „Legislation of Ukraine” according to: „Search by properties”, „Words”, „In a title”. The title is to be typed according to the text of items (except explanations in brackets).

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