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Former Belarusian Speaker of Parliament receives police summons after opposition rally

02.05.2006    source:

The former Speaker in the Belarusian parliament and member of the Social-Democrat Party “Gramada”, Stanislav Shushkevych has been handed a summons to appear at the police station. It was handed to him at the end of a May 1 rally by the opposition.

According to Reuters there were more than one thousand people at the rally. Those present called for the release of all political prisoners and the abolition of the system of the state contract system .

Dozens of people were arrested after the opposition action “Chernobyl Path” on Wednesday 26 April.  Those now behind bars include the leader of the opposition, Aleksandr Milinkevich, Aleksandr Kozulin, Vintsuk Vyachork.

Belarusian State Television gave no information about the opposition rally.

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