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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Xenophobia is on the increase in Russia

Around 12% of Russians unqualifiedly support the slogan “Russia for the Russians” - just one of the worrying findings from studies of public opinion in Russia

Around 12% of Russians unqualifiedly support the slogan “Russia for the Russians”. This was one of the findings of a sociological survey carried out by Yury Levada’s analytical centre.

According to the results, the given slogan is supported “within reason” by approximately 40% of those citizens of the Russian Federation surveyed, while 24% react to it negatively, seeing it as a manifestation of “real fascism”.

The analysts also note that animosity towards people coming from countries of the Caucuses and Central Asia is reported by 26 % of those asked. 18% said that these immigrants irritate them.

It is worth noting that previously too sociologists observed rising animosity in Russian society towards immigrants.  For example, the All-Russian Centre for the study of public opinion found in April 2005 that every second Russian agreed that immigrants fill a shortage of lowly-paid and unqualified jobs, whereas in November last year, there were only 37% who held this view.

Moreover, according to a survey carried out in November 2005 by the same All-Russian Centre for the study of public opinion, among problems which most worry residents of the capital is the large number of people from other countries. This issue., together with problems of street violence and rising prices for municipal services worry 36 – 38% of all residents of Moscow. (using material from RBK

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