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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Historical "déjà vu"

Inna Sukhorukova
On the depressing and apparently incomprehensible plan fermenting in certain minds in Russia to erect a memorial to Joseph Stalin

Recently historical "déjà vu" seems to have captured the imagination of our northern neighbors and some our compatriots.

A year ago they wanted to erect Stalin’s monument in Sevastopol. One can guess the reaction of Crimean Tatars to this action! Thank God, they failed.

Now it is planned to create a Pantheon (!) to the “Great leader and teacher of all people” in the Turukhanskiy district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Just in the district, where hundreds of thousands of victims of this cannibal perished! The local authorities want to revive tourism in that way. This is a very “clever” cultural action! It is strange that the nation, instead of feeling repentance for their obvious historical guilt, as was the case, for example, in Germany, returns to the open tendency to turn its historical disgrace into historical victory. Why does this happen? Is it due to their victory over fascist Germany? Yes, the Soviet people managed to do that in spite of the inept actions of its leaders. However, as the famous Russian writer Viktor Astafyev remarked, “We did not defeat Germany -we drenched it in our blood and stifled it with our bodies”.

What else was done by this monster of all times and peoples? For instance, he starved to death eight million Ukrainian peasants (even now our villages feel consequences of his “paternal” care). He exterminated the Ukrainian intelligentsia. Not only the Ukrainian, but all the more or less independent intelligentsia of peoples subjugated to the Russian empire. However Ukrainian, in the first instance..

So, why has this monster again attracted the positive attention of the Russian community? It can be explained only by an imperialist complex. Any empire following its collapse resembles a sexual maniac, who wants to murder again and again because of his inferiority complex. Such empires wage absolutely unnecessary wars, quarrel with their closest neighbors, with whom it is profitable to be in peace, and glorify the embodiments of their complexes, like Stalin or Ivan the Terrible – miscreants and monsters  who have already been condemned by history.

The process taking place of late in Russia not only worries, but rouses revulsion and indignation. The attempt to create a Pantheon to the leader and teacher can be related just to such processes.

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