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Kyiv: Action to mark the first anniversary of the Andijon Massacre in Uzbekistan

13.05.2006    source:
The victims of the brutal suppression of a peaceful demonstration in Uzbekistan must not be forgotten. Nor, however, should we forget those asylum seekers sent back in February to Karimov’s regime

In Kyiv today, near the outside the Uzbekistan Embassy Ukrainian  and international human rights organizations, as well as representatives of the Uzbek Diaspora, held a political protest meeting  to mark the first anniversary of the shooting of peaceful demonstrators in Andijon.

Dmytro Groisman was interviewed:

“The human rights organization “Amnesty International” in Ukraine” has condemned the Ukrainian government for sending back to Uzbekistan 11 asylum seekers in February of this year with access for international organizations.

Spokesperson for “Amnesty International” in Ukraine”, Antonina Baranovska, stated: “Amnesty International is calling for an immediate investigation into the events at Andijon, We call on Ukraine to fulfil its international commitments to asylum seekers and refugees, and also to carry out an investigation into the deportation in February this year.”


Uzbek national, Alisher (who asked for his surname not to be given) is seeking asylum in Ukraine. He witnessed the events last year in Andijon.

12  May 2006

Alisher, you witnessed the shooting of the peaceful demonstration in Andijon. For you personally, what did that day, 13 May 2005, mean in your life?

Alisher:  “That day marked a huge change in my life. I was witness to a tragic event, to mass shooting. After that I had to flee my country because it was impossible to stay there. Because everything was done so that the truth, as they saw, wasn’t allowed to emerge.

Alisher, how do you these days receive information about what is happening in Uzbekistan?  Do you have any contact with your family?”

- “No, I don’t have any contact with my family because I’m frightened for them, I don’t want to cause them any more problems. As regards information about Uzbekistan, I get it of course from the television and radio – I listen all the time. That’s the only information I have”.

Alisher, would you like to return to Uzbekistan?  If so, under what conditions?

- “Well, of course, since the very first days I’ve wanted to return home, of course, I want to return to my dear home, to my family hearth, to my country. But as of today that’s obviously impossible since the threat still remains. Therefore I hope that when the time comes, all will come right and I’ll be able to return to my own country”.

Alisher, do you believe today that those responsible for the Andijon massacre last year will ever be brought to justice?

- “I don’t just believe, but very much hope for this. As they say, the truth has always been bent, yet it has never been broken. I believe that justice will of course prevail!”

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